• The William Byrd Middle School Counseling program is a comprehensive developmental program designed to provide direct assistance to all students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for healthy development during the middle school years.  Guidance and counseling services are an integral part of the school’s total program that supports the educational, vocational, and socio-personal development of each student.  Our curriculum consists of classroom guidance activities, small groups, and individual counseling sessions, career and educational planning, and class registration. In addition, counselors work closely with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to provide an optimal learning environment for each student.  In the end, we hope, as professional school advocates for students, that our program will help students become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

    Counselors are assigned by grade level:

    For the 2023-2024 School Year

    Grade 6- Ms. Samantha Hurt 540-562-3900 ext. 34012

    Grade 7-Mrs. Lubeth Jones  540-562-3900 ext. 34011    

    Grade 8- Mrs. Leslie Jordan  540-562-3900 ext. 34013              

    Life Counselor - Mrs. Allyse R. Dunlop, LPC 540-562-3900 ext. 34019

    Counseling Secretary- Gloria Harris 540-562-3900 ext. 34010


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