RCPSOnline Academy
  • Current RCPSOnline Academy Dates:

    The fall session (semester 1) begins August 23rd and ends Dec 6th

    The spring session (semester 2) begins January 17th and ends May 8th


  • Joe LeGault

    Supervisor of English and RCPSOnline

    (540) 562-3900 ext. 10252

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    If you are currently enrolled in one or more classes for the 2023-2024 RCPSOnline Academy, CLICK HERE for important information.

  • For students in grades 9-12 (some 8th grade students may qualify for certain classes):

    For more than twenty years, Roanoke County Schools has offered online learning for high school students through RCPSOnline Academy. Since the very beginning of the program, we have developed a rich curriculum delivered by our own teachers. Our experience with online learning puts us in a unique position to meet the wide range of current needs.

    RCPSOnline Academy classes differ from regular classes in several ways. Aside from the obvious lack of face-to-face time in a classroom, they are structured, paced, and scheduled using best practices for online teaching. Some of the key differences are:

    • The courses are largely self-paced with deadlines set by the instructor.
    • There are no set times a student must be online with the instructor.
    • Students have ready access to their instructors for help, guidance, and individual attention.
    • Every course is through Blackboard, our learning management system.
    • Except for a few dual enrollment courses (with VWCC), and World Language courses, most courses are completed in a semester.
    • Some courses, specifically courses with end-of-course SOL tests, do require in-person testing. With these, we offer flexibility of time and place to meet the individual needs of the student.

    Students take online courses for many reasons. Schedule conflicts, limited course availability at a base school, getting ahead or catching up, and even medical issues have all been reasons students have taken our courses in the past.  

    NOTE:  This is an online-only program.  Students must have reliable internet access.