• Pick-Up Meal Program

    Roanoke County Public Schools is providing pick-up meal service for students participating in the hybrid and 100% online instruction plans.  Parents can enroll in the Pick-Up meal program using the links below.  Please use the link for your child's school.  A separate form is required for each child.  Parents only need to enroll once to be included in pick-up meals.  If you need to make a change, please submit an updated form.

    Meals offered include 1 breakfast entrée and 1 lunch entrée (PBJ sandwich or deli sandwich), fruit, vegetables, and milk.

    100% online: Parents will pick up meals daily at a designated location and time at the school.

    Hybrid: Students will pickup meals to take home at dismissal for each in-school day.

    Meals must be promptly refrigerated.

    Parental permission is required. Student accounts will be charged for breakfast and lunch for each day of pick-up meals.  If meals are not picked up for three consecutive days, the student will be removed from the distribution list.

    Meals will not be provided on days when schools are closed (i.e. holidays, inclement weather, etc.)


      Elementary Schools Middle/High Schools
      Full Price Reduced Price Full Price Reduced Price
    Breakfast $1.35 $0.30 $1.35 $0.30
    Lunch $2.55 $0.40 $2.80 $0.40
    Pick-Up Meals $3.90 $0.70 $4.15 $0.70


    >> Printable flyer (pdf)

Elementary Schools

Middle & High Schools