Summer High School

  • 2021 Repeat Summer High School Session will be held at Northside High School June 3-30. 



    Registration begins on May 10, 2021 and ends at 4:00PM on May 28, 2021.  All registration forms and payment must be received by the May 28 deadline.  Students may register at any Roanoke County middle or high school.


    Transportation will be provided to and from each of the division’s 16 elementary schools. 2021 Summer School Session will be held at Northside High School.



    Breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge.



    Students may register for a repeat summer school course only if they have been previously enrolled in the course for its duration. 

    Students may enroll in two (2) repeat classes.  All subjects are taken for credit.

    All courses, with the exception of World Language, are provided through Edgenuity, an online, individualized program of study with assistance from certified RCPS teachers.  Students enrolled in a Edgenuity class take a pre-assessment to determine the learning standards in which they are deficient. Once they begin the class, Edgenuity students must meet summer school attendance requirements; however, when students demonstrate proficiency in the required standards they will be released with approval of the administration. 

    World Languages – RCPS OnlineAcademy

    World Language summer courses will be offered virtually in French, Spanish, Latin and German for levels 1-3 as repeat courses ­only. These courses will be offered through the OnlineAcademy and will not be held at NHS. Availability is subject to staffing and enrollment. The courses will run from 6/1-7/15 and require synchronous class meetings online M, W, Fri with additional assignments on Tu, Th.


    Final grades for both sessions will be mailed in July.


    Repeat courses will be offered in a block schedule format.

    *Session A (AM)       June 3-June 30           8:00AM-11:45AM

    *Session B (PM)       June 3-June 30           12:15PM-4:00PM

    *Classes will operate on a 5 day schedule.  Classes will be held on Fridays. 

    *Students taking a course through Edgenuity will be asked to make a session preference of AM or PM.  All efforts will be made to accommodate preferences, but those who register first will have priority. 

    Schedule for all courses will be determined based on the student registration.

    All students will be contacted prior to June 2 and informed of the session, date, and time they are to report.  Students who are placed on a waitlist for Edgenuity courses will be called to begin their summer school course once a seat becomes available. Seats are based on the number of site licenses available to the division.  Notification will go out using our division alert system, so please make sure your contact information is correct and any changes have been communicated to your child’s school.


    In-county student                                                                                                               Out-of-county student

    Free for the 2021 session only                                                                                                          $250.00



    Any student who withdraws from a course after Monday, June 7 will receive a grade of “F” for the course.  No refunds will be made after the first day of classes.



    Courses which may be offered for grades 9-12:

    • English 9 (R)
    • English 10 (R)
    • English 11 (R)
    • English12 (R)
    • World. Geo. (R)
    • World History I (R)
    • World History II (R)
    • US/VA History (R)
    • US/VA Gov't. (R)
    • AFDA (R)
    • Algebra I (R)
    • Algebra II (R)
    • Geometry (R)
    • Chemistry (R)
    • Earth Science (R)
    • Biology (R)
    • Ecology (R)

    The following repeat World Language Courses will will be offered through the RCPS OnlineAcademy. Availability is subject to staffing and enrollment. 

    • Spanish I-III
    • Latin I-III
    • French I-III
    • German II-III

    *See information sheet (below) for details


    Summer School Brochure