Fifth Grade Notes

  • Math 

    Each day, your child will need a spiral bound notebook, notebook paper, graph paper, pencil, eraser, and planner. Your child will be issued GoMath workbooks (volume 1, volume 2, and an SOL Success book); this is also available online through ClassLink. We will begin by reviewing place value and work our way through the SOLs following Roanoke County’s pacing guide. The vast majority of the SOLs will focus on mastering the basic facts. Please work with your child on the basic multiplication tables 0-9. It is imperative that they know their facts completely.

    All work must be shown on paper so your teacher can see the thought process behind how the problems were solved. Assignments showing only answers will not be accepted as a completed assignment. It will also be important to have a neat and organized paper.

    Weekly Review assignemnts will be given most weeks.


    In science class, students will be engaged in learning and conducting several experiments using a variety of lab equipment and materials. Six major units of study will be covered in fifth grade science class. These units include: scientists in training (study of scientific method, reasoning, and logic), force, motion, and energy (specifically related to the study of light and sound), matter (properties of matter, mixtures, and reactions), living systems (cell structure and function, classification of organisms), interrelationships in Earth/space systems (understanding the ocean), and Earth’s patterns, cycles, and changes (rocks, minerals, earth structure).

    The Science Fusion workbooks will be provided for each student (Volume 1 & 2). This resource is also available online through ClassLink.

    Each student will be provided with a Study Guide for each unit. This Study Guide should be kept in their science folder and reviewed each night. Tests/quizzes will be announced to students ahead of time in order for them to prepare an adequate study schedule. Once they have tested on a specific unit, students will empty their science folder and keep the materials at home for SOL review. Students will be responsible for all material taught in 4th and 5th grade science class on their SOL test in May.


    The goal in class this year is for students to gain a better command of the English language by using writing as a tool to communicate. The 5th graders will write for a variety of purposes: to entertain, describe, inform, persuade, and explain. They will learn to see writing as a process that can yield a powerful product when executed in an expressive and organized way. We plan to have fun, share our thoughts and ideas, and become confident that all of us have something worthwhile to say.

    Most of the writings we do this year will be done in class and limited to one formally graded paper per 9-week period. These papers will be scored on the student’s effective use of writing components as they relate to composition, written expression, and grammar. They will keep these writings in their portfolios until the end of the school at which time the writing samples will be forwarded to the middle school.

    Global Studies

    Global Studies is a year-long course in World Geography with an emphasis on geographical skills and world cultures. Our textbook will be kept in the classroom; however, they will be available online through ClassLink. The goals of the course include:

    • to improve the students’ ability to use and interpret maps, charts, and graphs
    • to recognize that the world is made up of many unique cultures, allowing students to develop “mental pictures” of world regions
    • to learn the foundations of US geography in preparation for the US geography component of the 6th grade US History to 1877


    The curriculum focus for reading will be on the Word Analysis (SOL 5.4) and Comprehension Skills (SOL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7). A goal this year is for students to become independent readers of a variety of materials. Students will have a designated independent reading period most days. It is important that students bring good reading material to class EVERY day. Reading fluency skills, word analysis and phonics skills, comprehension, and vocabulary will be reinforced with daily literacy stations and novel studies. Students will work in both small groups and whole class to complete tasks and individual assignments. Please review your child's reading/writing Notebooks each evening. 


  • Language Arts

    • Writing
    • English
    • Reading
    • Research
    • Special Units
    • Spelling

    Social Studies 

    • World Geography


    • Animals
    • Earth Movements
    • Experiments
    • Light and Sound
    • Matter
    • Oceanography
    • Rocks and Minerals


    • Algebra
    • Basic Operations
    • Decimals
    • Fractions
    • GeometryGraphing
    • Higher Level Thinking Skills
    • Measurement
    • Multi-Step Problems
    • Problem Solving
    • Probability
    • Whole Numbers

    Computer Technology

    • Keyboarding
    • Data Base
    • Word Processing
    • Spread Sheets
    • Internet