Helpful Sites for Middle School Science

    Our books are available with digital lessons and virtual text at Thinkcentral.com:

    Directions for logging into Thinkcentral.com

    ·         Go to thinkcentral.com

    ·         Click Science and Health

    ·         Click Science Fusion

    ·         Fill in the information

    o    Country: United States

    o    State: Virginia

    o    District: Roanoke Co Public School Dist, Roanoke 24019

    o    School: William Byrd Middle School, Vinton 24179

    o    Username: Same as computer login (first initial last name last 4 of lunch code. Example kdawson1234)

    o    Password: @Rcs2017

    Brainpop.com, can be used for review on certain topics as well as to help study for tests.

    ·         Login: wbmscience

    ·         Password: wbm


    6th Grade

    6th grade science

    6th Grade SOL Standards  


    7th Grade

    7th grade science

    Get ready to explore, discover, and engage with the world around you as we dive into life science! We will start small with cells and genetics, then GO BIG with ecosystems, biomes, and how it all changes over time. Labs, field work, and hands-on projects will bring this science to life.

    Erin O'Donnell (eodonnell@rcps.us) loves science because it strives to make sense of this amazing place we call home. This is her first year at William Byrd Middle, and she is looking forward to working with all of you as we DO science. She attended undergrad at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry and received her Master's in Education from Mary Baldwin College. In her spare time, Erin grows way too many vegetables, hikes with her dogs, and enjoys all adventure activities. Erin is the Co-Sponsor for the Bee Club at WBMS.

    Life Science SOL Standards



    8th Grade

    8th grade science

    Physical Science ties everything you have learned in middle school science together in one class. We will discuss matter, energy, force and motion, light, electricity, sound, and so much more! We will do many Labs, projects, and activities all while learning all about chemistry and physics.

    Physical Science SOL Standards