• Located in a unique rural setting of Roanoke County Public Schools, Masons Cove Elementary is committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities to our students.  Masons Cove feeds into Glenvar Middle School and Glenvar High School.  With a long held tradition of academic excellence, this community holds a great deal of pride in the rich history of the Masons Cove area.  As you travel around Roanoke County, you cannot help but hear people say that Masons Cove is one of the best kept secrets in Roanoke County due to the amazing community support, students, staff, and facilities.  Masons Cove is an amazing place for our students to grow!

    Masons Cove Mission Statement:

    The mission of Masons Cove Elementary School is to empower students to work together and develop a solid foundation of 21st Century skills to help them become successful members of society.

    Masons Cove Vision Statement:

    Masons Cove is a safe and engaging environment that will equip students to excel academically and socially through critical thinking, problem solving skills, and teamwork.  We strive to teach our students to become independent, responsible, contributing members of our local and global community.