Transcript Request Information


    To request a copy of your transcript or to obtain an education verification please visit

    ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME FOR PROCESSING YOUR REQUEST (at least 10 days or longer).



     Please note the following:

    Cumulative records (grades, test data, immunization records, if available) are kept at the central administration offices for those students who have already withdrawn or graduated from Roanoke County Schools. If you are currently in a Roanoke County School, please contact the school for your record. Recent graduate records stay at the high schools for 1 year, then are sent to our central administration office to be archived. This goes for high school withdrawal records as well.

    Copies of diplomas are not part of permanent records. Official transcripts will verify graduation. Should you need a replacement diploma please contact our office for more information.

    Note: We no longer process GED requests. Please see the VDOE website at for assistance or call 877-376-9433.