Student Transfer Information and Forms

  • Students that are current transfers with no residential changes do not need to fill out a new application for the 2020-2021 school year. The only exception are in-county transfers moving from 5th grade to 6th grade who do not live in the requested middle school area. We are currently working on these lists and, once principals have made decisions, letters will be mailed to parents.

    Student Transfer Requests for the 2020-2021 school year:


    Students will attend the appropriate school for their attendance area.  Attendance areas are established for each school by the School Board.  These attendance areas shall be established in a manner that best meets the needs of the students in the county.  RCPS offers parents and/or legal guardians of students the opportunity to request placement into a different RCPS school through the Student Transfer Request process. 

    Please read the school board policy regarding transfer students: Roanoke County Public Schools Resident and Nonresident Policy (7.02)

    Completed applications must be mailed to:   

    Dr. Rhonda Stegall, Executive Director of Administration           
    Roanoke County Public Schools
    Attn: Student Transfers
    5937 Cove Road
    Roanoke, VA 24019-2403

    In-County Student Transfer requests:

    Parents/Legal Guardians who are residents that reside within the Roanoke County Public School attendance zone may request an in-county transfer from their student’s base school to another RCPS school by submitting BY MAIL the In-County Transfer Request.  Proof of Residency (lease or mortgage) MUST accompany each application in order to be considered.  (The student(s) must be listed as occupant(s) on a lease.)   

    Non-Resident Student Transfer requests:

    Parents/Legal Guardians of students who do NOT reside within the Roanoke County Public School attendance zone may request a non-resident transfer to a RCPS school by submitting BY MAIL the Non-Resident Transfer Application. Tuition is NOT refundable.  Proof of residency; attendance and discipline reports; most recent report card and/or transcript MUST accompany each application in order to be considered.

    Non-Residents that are FULL-TIME employees of Roanoke County government must attach the most recent paycheck stub as proof of employment.

    Tuition Fees 2020-2021 School Year

    County Employee Tuition Rates:
    (Children of employees of Roanoke Co. Government and/or Roanoke County Public Schools)
    KG - 8th grades - $229.00
    9th - 12th grades - $371
    (must meet qualifications set forth in RCPS Nonresident Policy 7.02 - see link above)
    Employee Tuition Rate payments of $229.00 or $371.00 are due in full by August 11, 2020  ****NO EXCEPTIONS****

    Non-Resident Tuition Rates:
    All other NON-RESIDENT applicants pay FULL Tuition for each student:  KG – 12th grade - $2,100.00

    Payment options for students enrolled as Non-residents during the 2020-2021 school year:  $2,100 per student

    Option 1:  Pay in full:  $2,100 (no payment fees)
    Due date:  August 11, 2020

    Option 2:  Pay in four installments:  $2,145 (includes $45 in payment fees)

    Amount of payment 1:  $1,000
    Due Date:  August 11, 2020
    Amount of payment 2:  $366.67 (+ $15 fee) = $381.67
    Due Date:  October 9, 2020
    Amount of payment 3: $366.67 (+ $15 fee) = $381.67
    Due Date: December 18, 2020

    Amount of payment 4: $366.66 (+ $15 fee) = $381.66
    Due Date: March 11, 2021


  • Questions:

    Please contact:

    Edie York
    Admin. Services
    Roanoke County Schools
    5937 Cove Road
    Roanoke, VA  24019
    540.562.3900 ext. 10202
    540.562-3987 fax