Life Counselor

  • Alex Gunn-
                         562-3900 ext. 24019    

    Ms. Gunn is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Judson University with a degree in Psychology and from Eastern University with a degree in School Counseling. Ms. Gunn has counseling experience with elementary, middle, and high school aged students. When she is not completing individual/group counseling or various classroom lessons, she may be leading the Terrier Way Team, TEAM Terriers, or Prevention Awareness Club. Outside of school you will find her love of sports as she is usually at a sporting event supporting her Terriers. Whether it be a smile, quick pep talk, or a snack Ms. Gunn and the rest of the counseling staff are always here to help.

    The role of the LIFE counselor will be to lead individuals and foster empowerment with our students. Students who exhibit symptoms of mental health concerns could benefit from support from a LIFE Counselor. Counselors will demonstrate the ability to establish productive relationships with students, parents, staff, and community members. Counselors will provide individual and group counseling to students. Counselors will also provide education on approved mental health, trauma, and substance topics to our students, staff, and parents. Our LIFE counselors will focus on prevention and intervention to promote academic, personal growth, and well-being. Students can self-refer, and parents and/or guardians can reach out directly to refer their student.  Once a referral has been received, the LIFE Counselor will contact the parent and/or guardian to provide further information. If you would like your student to see a LIFE counselor, please contact your student’s school.

    Life Counseling Groups

    Groups will focus on social, emotional, and academic growth of students. Groups will be centered on, but not limited to coping skills, anxiety, organization, social skills, depression, wellness, and friendship. If you believe your child would benefit from a group, please reach out to Ms. Gunn.

    2020-2021 Groups (Groups are not limited to these options; groups run for 6-8 weeks)

    1. New Student
    2. Hope Group
    3. Social Skills
    4. Coping Skills
    5. Study Skills
    6. Substance Use
    7. Anger Management
    8. Life Skills

    Please leave a message if you do not reach me and I will return your call.