• Print first and last name correctly from memory
    • Identify capital and lowercase letters
    • Build communication skills through the use of oral language while developing listening and speaking vocabularies
    • Identify rhyming words and recite familiar rhymes and songs
    • Develop an ability to orally identify sounds in words
    • Demonstrate an understanding of story content
    • Understand how print is organized
    • Use pictures, letters, and/or words to write about experiences
    • Ask how and why questions
    • Identify beginning and ending consonants in single- syllable words


    • Conduct investigations by identifying and using the human senses
    • Explore and understand physical properties of objects, magnets, water, and light
    • Investigate and understand basic needs of living things and life cycles
    • Observe and understand simple patterns in everyday life
    • Investigate and understand that changes occur over time
    • Identify and describe materials that can be reused, recycled, and conserved


    • Count forward to 100, by 5’s and 10’s to 100, backward from 10
    • Match numerals 0-15 to sets of objects
    • Add and subtract simple sets of objects
    • Locate objects by their positions
    • Identify more, less, and equal
    • Recognize penny, nickel, dime, quarter and determine the value of a collection of pennies
    • Fractions (1/2, and ¼)
    • Tell time to the hour using analog or digital clock
    • Identify tools of measurement
    • Use standard and nonstandard units to compare the measurements of objects
    • Identify, describe, and make circle, triangle, square, and rectangle
    • Gather data by counting, tallying and graphing
    • Sort and classify objects
    • Identify and describe patterns

Social Studies

    • Use simple maps, globes and models to identify and to locate our country, our state, and our community
    • Identify map and community symbols
    • Study and describe jobs in the community
    • Understand basic economic concepts such as basic needs and wants, exchanging money for goods and saving money
    • Identify famous Americans, historical holidays, past events and historical accounts
    • Identify and practice good citizenship
    • Identify the American flag and Pledge of Allegiance
    • Recognize the President as the leader of the United States 


    • Identify parts of a computer
    • Develop basic computer skills
    • Explore uses of available technology for reading and writing