• Gifted Program Information

    If you, as a parent/guardian, are interested in having your student screened for the gifted program, please call your student’s school counselor for more details.  Here are items to keep in mind:

    • Students in grades 2-12, as well as new students to Roanoke County, can be screened two times a year: Sept-Dec 2023 and Jan-March 2024.
    • Data that is collected during the screening process includes achievement test scores, ability test scores, classroom grades, and rating scales.
    • Students who are found eligible for the gifted program will have the opportunity to attend 3 workshops led by our gifted resource specialist Tamantha Farrell, throughout the 2023-2024 school year (during the school day.)
    • When new families/students (to Roanoke County) enroll during the summer and express interest in the gifted program they are given a gifted screening packet.