• Kindergarten Supply List 2020-2021

    __Towel for rest time – no mats or pillows please!

    __One large box of tissues

    __Book bag large enough for folder (school will supply the folder)

    __Old adult size t-shirt to be used as art smock (as requested by art teacher)

    __Two bottles of regular, white Elmer’s glue –no colors or gel

    __Four Elmer’s Glue Sticks

    __One Primary Journal (see example) 
    Primary Journal

    __One spiral bound notebook – at least 70 pages

    __Plastic pencil box, 5” x 8” – Space is limited!

    __Fiskars Scissors

    __Crayola Crayons, two boxes of 8 and three boxes of 24

    __Pencils, regular no. 2 with eraser, box of 12 (sharpened)

    __Box of Baby Wipes

    __Boys:  1 box of Gallon size slide lock baggies, Crayola colored pencils

    __Girls:  1 box of Quart size side lock baggies, 1 roll of paper towels  

    __A pair of tennis shoes for PE/Recess every day.  Your child will not be able to participate in PE or Recess without proper shoes.

    __Small headphones for computer lab (NOT ear buds)