Center for Mass Communications at BCAT

  • The Center for Mass Communications provides a four-year course of study for students interested in participating in extensive experiences in video, radio, and print media.  From classroom studies of the history and development of mass communications, to hands-on experiences with video and broadcast television, audio and radio, as well as multimedia and web applications, students will gain a rich understanding of the many professions possible in the communications field.

    If you are interested in being a part of this unique and exciting initiative, please complete the steps below.

    Applications must be submitted by January 15tH, 2023 - no exceptions can be made.

  • 1.  Complete the following prompt:

    "How has the use of media and communication impacted and changed our society over the last decade? In your opinion, what is the responsibility of media outlets such as television, newspapers, and social media networks in society today?"  Please limit your response to 500 words.

    The selection committee will evaluate your response based on the following criteria:

    Ideas & Content (50%):  Does the essay respond to the prompt?  Is the essay creative in the response?  Does the essay include relevant, detailed elaboration?  Does the writer exhibit an understanding of the ethical issues involved in investigative journalism?

    Organization (25%):  Does the essay have a strong introduction?  Is the essay clearly organized, with well-transitioned paragraphs?

    Conventions (25%):  Does the writer use proper writing conventions (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, etc.)?

    Once completed, please email the document to Mr. Joe LeGault at He will submit it to the selection committee along with your completed application.


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  • 2.  Ask three (3) teachers if they will give you a recommendation. The teachers must be:

    •  a Social Studies Teacher (required)
    •  your current English Teacher (required)
    •  and a teacher of your choice 

    You will be asked to list those teachers in the application. The selection committee will contact those teachers on your behalf. You won't need to do anything else.


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  • 3.  Complete the online application form (CLICK HERE TO BEGIN)

    Please try to complete all three steps in the application process at the same time. In other words, please have your essay and teacher recommendations ready before you submit this form.




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