Center for Mass Communication Studies

  • As part of the Roanoke County Governor's STEM Academy at BCAT, the Center for Mass Communication provides a four-year course of study exploring all aspects of the communication process. Students will study the history and development of different media and their effects on individuals and society. Students will learn the skills necessary to analyze and create sophisticated communications. Other focus topics include marketing techniques, media, radio, and print production along with legal and ethical industry issues. A supervised internship in the areas of television, radio, web, and print media will be part of the four year course of study. For a quick video, click here.

    Goals and Objectives:

    • To provide students an opportunity to focus on the major elements of the communications industry including journalism and public relations;

    • To afford students a hands-on experience in television, radio, web, and print media production;

    • To equip students for success in college and beyond.

    The Center for Mass Communication offers dual-enrollment options that may allow students to earn more than twenty-one credits toward their college career.  Please speak to your child’s school counselor for information about this exciting opportunity.

    In addition to the college credits awarded during the time at the Center for Mass Communication, students also participate in job shadowing and real-world internships with our business partners.  This is an invaluable component of the program of study leading to strong letters of recommendation, summer employment, and post graduate career opportunities.  Our current business partners include the following:

    • Access Advertising and PR
    • Blue Ridge PBS
    • Carilion Clinic
    • Firefli Media
    • The Roanoke Times
    • Red Velocity
    • Roanoke County Schools Community - Relations Office
    • Roanoke County Schools - Athletics
    • M3: Grafix
    • Roanoke Railyard Dawgs
    • Spectra Event Managment/Berglund Center
    • The O’Connor Group
    • Wheeler Broadcasting (K92, Q99, 94.9, Star Country, Vibe100, and WFIR News/Talk)
    • WSLS
    • Greg Roberts Live

    Our students consistently excel on AP, ACT, and SAT tests.  High scores, along with a rigorous and well-rounded program of study, led to acceptance of these students to the following colleges and universities:  

    • Appalachian State University
    • Christopher Newport University
    • Clemson University
    • DePaul University
    • Drexel University
    • George Mason University
    • Hollins University
    • James Madison University
    • Longwood University
    • Loyola University
    • Lynchburg College
    • Mary Washington University
    • New York University
    • North Carolina State University
    • Ohio State University
    • University of Texas
    • Ohio University
    • Penn State University
    • Radford University
    • Roanoke College
    • Rochester Institute of Technology
    • Savannah College of Art and Design
    • Sewanee
    • St. Edwards University
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    • University of Richmond
    • University of South Carolina
    • University of Virginia
    • Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Virginia Tech
    • William & Mary
    • University of Southern California

Program of Study

  • Courses taken at the Burton Center:

    • Intro To Mass Communications 
    • Advance English 9 and 10
    • AP/Dual English 11
    • Graphic Communication I, II
    • Communication Strategies
    • Multimedia Storytelling
    • Senior Seminar and Internship
    • Mass Communication Capstone

    Courses taken at the base school:

    • All mathematics courses
    • All Sciences courses
    • All Social studies courses
    • All Health and PE courses
    • World Language courses
    • All other electives

    More questions? FAQs here! 


    Mass Communication Application Checklist


    For further questions, please call or email:

    Joe LeGault - Supervisor of English and RCSPOnline

    540-562-3900 EXT 10252


    Eric Salo - Director of the Center for Mass Communication

    540-562-3900 EXT 29000