Center for Engineering at BCAT

  • The Center for Engineering offers a four-year advanced curriculum integrating math, science and technology as a study of the profession of engineering.  The Center’s curriculum focuses on the development of the theoretical understandings of the engineering discipline and on the practical skills and understandings necessary for any engineer.

    If you are interested in being a part of this unique and exciting initiative, please complete the steps below.

    Please read ALL the steps below before beginning the application process.

  • 1. Engineering Essay for Application Directions:

     Select one of the following writing prompts and answer it in 500 words or less using proper grammar and spelling.

    1. Describe a product or process that has not been invented that would make your life easier.
    2. If you were hired for an engineering position, describe what your dream project would be.
    3. What do you hope to gain from your 4 years in this engineering program?
    4. Describe a time when you used engineering concepts to solve a problem.

    The selection committee will evaluate your response based on the following criteria:

    Ideas & Content (50%):  Does the essay respond to the prompt?  Is the essay creative in the response?  Does the essay include relevant, detailed elaboration?

    Organization (25%):  Does the essay have a strong introduction?  Is the essay clearly organized, with well-transitioned paragraphs?

    Conventions (25%):  Does the writer use proper writing conventions (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, etc.)?


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  • 2.  Ask the following two teachers if they will give you a recommendation. The selection committee will provide a recommendation form to those teachers on your behalf.

    •  Algebra I teacher
    •  Current or previous year's science teacher

    Once you have completed your essay and chosen your recommending teachers, please fill out the online application. The teacher names and essay will be required in the application.


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  • 3. OLSAT Testing Permission Form

    Please print and return this permission form to your school counselor. 

    Dates for OLSAT testing:

    February 1 – Group 1 students test

    February 2 – Group 2 students test

    February 3 – Group 3 students test

    February 4-5 – Make-up tests


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  • 4.  Complete the online application form (click here to begin)

    Please try to complete all three steps in the application process at the same time. In other words, please have your essay and teacher recommendations ready before you submit this form.

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