Center for Engineering

  • As part of the Roanoke County Governor's STEM Academy at BCAT, the Center for Engineering offers a four-year advanced curriculum integrating math, science, and technology as a study of the profession of engineering. The Center’s curriculum focuses on the development of science and mathematics disciplinary content and the use of that knowledge in problem solving through a design-based approach that is the hallmark of the engineering discipline. Students develop technical and analytical skills along with written and oral communcation skills in a collaborative and hands-on learning environment. Students who are not enrolled in Geometry in the 8th grade MUST take Geometry in summer school before admission.

    Goals and Objectives:

    • To establish a foundation for the understanding of engineering as a profession;

    • To introduce and cultivate the development of engineering analysis, problem solving, and design skills;

    • To integrate mathematical and scientific concepts into practical engineering applications;

    • To provide individual and group hands-on learning experiences for students;

    • To offer real-world engineering experiences through mentoring/internships in a professional setting.

Course of Study

    • Introduction to Engineering I, II
    • Engineering Methods
    • Engineering Research
    • Engineering Economy
    • Engineering Design
    • Egineering Internship
    • Pre-Calculus / AP Calculus
    • Advanced Chemistry
    • Integrated Physics
  • For further questions, please call or email:

    Tammy Sauls - Supervisor of Science
    540-562-3900 EXT 10254


    Ted Wertz - Director of the Center for Engineering
    540-562-3900 EXT 29000