Center for Visual Arts & Museum Studies

  • The Center for Visual Arts offers a four-year advanced program for students who are talented and motivated in the visual arts. Students accepted into the program will participate in accelerated and enriched artistic experiences that integrate studio work, research, critique, and aesthetics in the visual arts.

    Goals and Objectives:

    • To provide talented and motivated students with an opportunity to study the visual arts in an enriched and accelerated environment;

    • To immerse students in creative and intensive visual arts experiences;

    • To provide students with a specific understanding of the history and impact of the visual arts;

    • To facilitate internships with professional artists and businesses;

    • To encourage participation in visual arts electives, extra-curricular, and cocurricular activities.

Course of Study

    • Visual Arts I - Cultures
    • Visual Arts II - Styles
    • Visual Arts III - Personal Style
    • Visual Arts IV - Careers / AP Studio Art
    • Art Internship
  • For further questions, please call or email:

    Sara Cubberley - Supervisor of Art
    540-562-3900 EXT 10322


    Natalie Strum - Director of the Center for Visual Arts & Museum Studies
    540-562-3900 EXT 29000