Center for Visual Arts and Museum Studies

  • The Center for Visual Arts & Museum Studies offers a four-year advanced program for students who are talented and motivated in the visual arts.  The program is held at the Burton Center for Arts & Technology. Students accepted into the program will participate in accelerated and enriched artistic experiences that integrate studio work, museum study, research, critique and aesthetics in the visual arts. If you are interested in being a part of this unique and exciting initiative, please complete the steps below.  

    The deadline for completing your application is January 31, 2020.

  • 1.  Complete the following writing prompt:

    "Why do you want to be in the Specialty Center for Visual Arts at the Burton Center for Arts and Technology?" 

    Please limit your response to 500 words. Once completed, please save your response to copy and paste into the application form.


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  • 2. Ask two (2) teachers if they will be a contact for recommendation. You will list the two teacher's EMAIL ADDRESSES on the application. The selection committee will contact those teachers on your behalf.

    (These can be teachers you have this year or have had in previous years).


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  • 3.  List your art experience, honors and recognition:

    Choose your top three art experiences, honors, or recognitions in the visual arts. You will enter these items in the application. 


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  • 4. Online application form (click here to begin)

    Have ready:

    • Your response to the writing prompt
    • the email addresses of two teachers who have agreed to recommend you
    • A list of your art experiences, honors and recognitions


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  • 5. Drawing Assessment

    Once the applicaiton deadline has passed, a representative of the RCPS Art Department will come by your school in order to conduct a drawing assessment. The representative will bring all art materials needed. The assessments will occur in early February, depending on which date your school chooses.

    If you are absent on the day of the assessment, Mrs. Sara Cubberley ( will contact you with further instruction.

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