Counseling Center Student Resources

  • Signs of Suicide Program - RCPS is excited to announce a brand new evidenced based resource, the SOS Signs of Suicide program, as a part of our school-wide suicide prevention efforts. You can log in to the free educational site for information on warning signs and risk factors for youth suicide, access useful resources, and to learn more about the key message all students will learn: ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell). 


    AP Credit Transfer Search - When students take an AP Exam they are given a score 1-5. This website allows students to see where their AP Test Scores will transfer to and for what course they count as. This is a very helpful link for any student taking an AP course. 


    GPA Calculation Sheet - Students may use this link to help configure their current or prospective grade point averages. Instructions are included. 


    Parchment Transcript Request - Seniors should request to send their official transcripts to colleges and other educational institutes through Parchment. If students are seeking transcripts for personal use please see our counseling secretary, Mrs. Hollins, in the Counseling Office. 


    Mental Health & Community Resources - Parents and students may use this resource sheet to address Assessment Services, Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse Resources, and other Community Resources. 


    Free GED & English Language Classes + More- See links for more information on how to register. Haga clic para obtener más información. 


    Worker's Permit - Students needing a worker's permit are to fill out the following online form through the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry. 


    Selective Service Registration - Federal law requires every male to register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday and extend 30 days thereafter. Late registration is accepted up to the 26th birthday. Failure to do so may deprive individuals of their rights to state and federal student assistance, state and federal employment, and other benefits. Males can register as early as 17 years and 3 months of age. 


    NCAA Eligibility Center - Student athletes need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete in Division I or Division II athletics. On this website you will be able to create an account to start the process. In addition, an account must be made in order to make official visits or sign a National Letter of Intent.  


    Student Career & College Checklist  - This checklist gives a great outline for what students grades 8-12 should be considering for life after high school. 


    Military Information and Student Benefits - Students interested in learning how the military can help pay for their college education should explore this website. Active Duty, Reserves, and ROTC are all explored here! There are fabulous opportunities you wouldn't believe through the military!


    The Community Christmas Store - The Community Christmas Store mission is to assist families in need in a dignified manner during the holiday season. The CCS goal is for recipient families to select their Christmas items according to the individual needs and preferences of each family member.