School Safety Advisory Committee

  • The purpose of the School Safety Advisory Committee is to provide a valuable community, parental, and employee perspective regarding issues and concerns related to school safety and security. The Committee represents stakeholders in making safety and security recommendations for consideration by the School Safety Taskforce.

    The School Safety Advisory Committee is composed of interested parents, teachers, administrators, and mental health professionals who apply to serve on the Committee for a three-year term. Ideally, two parents, two teachers, and one school-level administrator will be selected from each high school feeder area. In the event that an insufficient number of qualified applicants are available to fill the maximum number of Committee positions, the Committee will continue to function until additional qualified applicants emerge to fill open positions. Two mental health professionals will be selected to serve on the Committee either from among qualified school staff or from local agencies such as the Community Service Board. Standing members of the Committee are the Superintendent and two division administrators designated by the Superintendent. In order to promote efficient and productive work, the Committee will be limited to a maximum of 30 total members.

    Parents, teachers, administrators, and mental health professionals interested in serving on the School Safety Advisory Committee completed an application and were selected based on experience, rationale for serving on the Committee, and in consideration of geographic and school level balance.

    The School Safety Advisory Committee meets at least once per quarter. Additional meetings may be called in response to specific needs, including at the request of the School Safety Taskforce for input and feedback regarding specific ideas or concerns. Minutes of each meeting will be maintained and provided to the School Safety Taskforce, including safety and security recommendations. Committee members who are absent for more than two meetings per year may be replaced.

    Meetings will be facilitated by a Chairperson elected annually by the Committee.

    chart showing committees and school safety task force

Meeting updates


    Committee Members


    Ms. Deborah Bell
    Ms. Paula Booze
    Ms. Cathy Brown
    Mr. David Chappell
    Ms. Kristen Johnstone
    Mr. Michael Keen
    Mr. Roy Kirby
    Dr. Mark McBride
    Ms. Heidi McClintic
    Mr. William Sankbeil



    Mr. Travis Anderson
    Ms. Laurie Aylor
    Ms. Sarah Caterina
    Ms. Sandra Fifer
    Ms. Karen Garlow
    Mr. Brian Harris
    Ms. Theresa Kabath
    Ms. Maggie Long
    Mr. David Mitchell
    Mr. Evan Noell



    Ms. Fiona Hill
    Dr. Paul Lineburg
    Ms. Tammy Newcomb
    Ms. Jodi Poff
    Mr. Jamie Soltis


    Mental Health Staff:

    Dr. Shawn Hughes, Assoc. Dir. of School Counseling
    Mr. Randal Queen, School Psychologist


    Central Office staff:

    Mr. George Assaid, Dir. of Operations
    Mr. Chuck Lionberger,  Community Relations Spec.
    Dr. Jessica McClung, Asst. Supt. of Pupil Personnel, HR and Administration
    Dr. Ken Nicely, Acting Superintendent
    Dr. Rhonda Stegall, Dir. of Administration