This course helps students develop the skills needed to be their own personal life coach, while promoting a healthy body image. Students will explore the relationship of good nutritional decision making, lifestyle choices and resource management to make beneficial decisions about their well-being.

    Recommended Nutrition & Wellness Introduction to Culinary Arts focuses on food and nutrition issues and guidelines, meal management, food preparation and service skills, and careers related to food and nutrition. Students explore food service careers while experiencing international and gourmet culinary techniques and classic preparation of foods. Teachers highlight the basic skills of math, science, and communication when appropriate in the content. Students participate in FCCLA activities.

    Students enrolled in Child Development and Parenting focus on analyzing parenting roles and responsibilities, ensuring a healthy start for mother and child, evaluating support systems that provide services for parents, and evaluating parenting practices that maximize human growth and development. Critical thinking, practical problem solving using case studies, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the area of parenting responsibilities and child development are emphasized. Teachers highlight the basic skills of mathematics, science, and technology when appropriate.

    This course offers an opportunity to explore the fashion industry and to study interior architectural styles and principles of design. Fashion industry components include wardrobe planning and coordination, purchasing practices, and proper care and storage of clothing and accessories. Interior design components include appropriate selection and construction of furnishings and accessories, as well as development of cost estimates. Students will participate in FCCLA activities.