• Dear Parents,

    Please remember to call the Attendance Office (540-561-8155) if your child is absent from school and make sure to send in a note when they return to school.  Sending me an email also counts as a note from you.   Also, please send in a note any time they will be tardy.

    If you know that your child will miss school due to an out of town trip, please send in a note to the Attendance Office listing the days and the reason for the absence IN ADVANCE.    There is a form that needs to be filled out for pre-excused absences.  Out of town absences must be PRE-APPROVED by the grade level principal or they are UN-excused.  After the principal approves the absence, your child must have all of their teachers sign it, and then return it to the Attendance Office.  Remember that your child is responsible for all work missed when he or she is absent!

    Thank you very much for your help!!

    Lisa Kendrick

Tardy Sweep Policy
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    Important Attendance Information


    Tardy/Early Checkouts

    Tardies and unexcused checkouts will add to your total cumulative absence count. Being tardy to school means that you are not in your assigned classroom by 08:20am. Consistently being late to school could also lead to Saturday school through the tardy sweep process. Being checked out of school routinely also has a negative impact on your cumulative attendance count. Every 5 tardy’ s and/or early checkouts count as an absence.


    Tardy Sweep


    Tardy # 1-3 = Warning

    Tardy# 4-5 = Silent Lunch

    Tardy # 6-7 = AM/PM Detention

    Tardy # 8-9 = Saturday Detention

    In School Suspension for tardiness to school will be only used for No-shows to Saturday School.


    How Tardy’s and Early Checkouts count towards Attendance


    5 Tardys/Early Checkout = One Absence

    10 Tardys/Early Checkout = Two Absences

    25 Tardys/Early Checkout = Five Absences

    50 Tardys/Early Checkout = Ten Absences



    5 Absences = First letter sent to your parents making them aware that you have missed 5 days.

    10 Absences = Second letter sent to your parents making them aware that you have missed 10 days.

    10 + Absences = At 10 or more absences you and your parent will be invited to a student Support Meeting to discuss attendance, barriers to attendance, and to come up with a preventative plan to prevent future absences.


    Student Support Meeting

    If you and your parent are invited for a Student Support Meeting, you and your parent’s attendance to this meeting is MANDATORY. Parents can participate by telephone if necessary. If you are invited in for a Student Support Meeting, please provide all absence notes prior to the meeting or on the day of the meeting. Failing to provide notes prior to the meeting will lead to a Student Support Plan will being implemented.


    At the Student Support meeting a Student Support Plan will be created to limit future absences by the student.


    If at any time your parent’s contact the school and inform us that you are refusing to come to school or that they are unaware that you have missed school then this process will be expedited.

    If you or your parent are non compliant with this process, the process will be expedited and you will be referred to Juvenile Probation along with your parent.


    If the absences continue the next step will be Mr. Smith filing a CHINS Petition and referring you as a student to the Juvenile Probation system. You will be assigned a Juvenile Probation Officer.


    During this time with a Juvenile Probation Officer you may be ordered to submit to drug or alcohol testing. This is at the discretion of the probation officer as well as the judge.


    Should you continue to miss after the CHINS Petition is filed, you will have to appear before a judge to explain why you are not attending school.


    During the court process you will be court ordered to regularly attend school.


    Should you not follow this court order ultimately it could lead to removal from your home and placement into the juvenile detention system or foster care.


    In order to stay away from the truancy process this year please remember to do the following CONSISTENTLY!


    1. If you are going to be out for a school day have your parent call the school by 9 am the day of the absence.
    2. Communicate with School Nurse, any and all medical issues that may keep you out of school.
    3. Upon return to school produce a doctor, parental or court note explaining why you were absent.
    4. Make sure that the school is up to date with this information during your absences.
    5. Northside High School will only accept 10 parent notes for absences/tardies during the current school year.