Roanoke County Council of PTAs

  • Established in 1940, the Roanoke County Council of PTAs includes representatives from the 25 local PTA units currently active in Roanoke County Public Schools.  These representatives are usually the Principal, PTA President, and PTA County Council Representative.

    The Council makes determinations regarding Roanoke County Council PTA policy. Matters of budget, election, or bylaws require a vote by the PTA County Council Representatives.

    NOTE:  Each PTA unit has three votes at the Council  general meetings (Principal, PTA President and PTA County Council Representative).

    The Roanoke County Council of PTAs is open to anyone interested in public education.  The Council is chartered to provide inspiration, information, and instruction to its members.

    We are the first line of support and practical help to the local PTA units within its jurisdiction and we serve as a facilitator of cooperation between PTA members, school administrators and the school board.   We are organized to focus on State and National PTA programs.

  • Primary Responsibilities of the Council

    1. To strengthen the local units.
    2. To develop leadership.
    3. To promote membership.
    4. To give service to the local school community,
    5. To bring into focus the total State and National PTA programs to local units.
    6. To promote the objects and interests of the Virginia PTA/PTSA.
    7. To provide for conference and cooperation among their member units on matters of mutual concern within the Council boundaries.

    The Roanoke County Council will not dictate to or legislate for local units, compel members to enter into council projects, or assess local units for funds without their consent.  Local unit County Council Representatives are encouraged to seek assistance from the County Council Executive Board and Chairpersons whenever needed.

Roanoke County Council of PTAs
  • PTA organizational structure

    • National PTA
    • Virginia PTA
    • Roanoke District
    • Roanoke Co. Council
    • Local Units at schools

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