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    Cave Spring Middle 

    Student Handbook




    Principal............................................... Mrs. Hill

    Assistant Principal ........................ Mr. Reynolds

    Assistant Principal ........................ Mr. Palazzola




    Mrs. Farley……………………………….Last Name A-K

    Mrs. Schurdell ………..………….…….Last Name L-Z  



    Administrative Secretary.......... Mrs. Scaer

    Guidance Secretary........................ Mrs. Truskey

    Bookkeeper..................................... Mrs. Petzen



    School hours are 8:20am to 3:25pm.  Students arriving early must remain in the cafeteria until 8:10am. Parents may not drop off students prior to 7:30am since no supervision is available for students prior to that time.  Students who have AM appointments with teachers before school must secure a pass from the teacher prior to the appointment. Office hours are 8am-4:30pm.  Students are expected to exit the building by 3:30pm unless working with a teacher or supervised by a coach.  If a student chooses to attend an athletic event they will be permitted to return to school 15 minutes before the start of that event.



    Cave Spring Middle School has developed a plan for dealing with a variety of critical incidents. This plan is discussed with students and faculty at the beginning of each year and reviewed throughout the year.  This plan includes directions for action in various situations including a fire, a tornado, or lock down.  Drills and simulations are conducted throughout the year. 



    On occasion it becomes necessary to close school early due to weather conditions, electrical failure, etc.  Once an early school closing has been announced, it is very difficult for students to call parents for directions.  Limited phone lines make contacting the school very difficult.  Therefore, parents are urged to discuss ahead of time with students what they should do if schools are closed early. Should an emergency early dismissal become necessary, parents may visit the RCPS website to obtain information regarding the dismissal.  Parents will also be notified through the RCPS Parent Link (phone alert).

    Parents are encouraged to update their contact information and preferences on Parent Link according to the instructions posted to the school’s website.



    All visitors must sign in at the office upon arrival at CSM to receive a VISITOR'S BADGE. Student visitors are not permitted.  Anyone wishing to meet with a teacher should make arrangements in advance.  Lunch visitors are limited to the parent(s) and/or immediate family member(s) of the student. Lunch visitors will be seated at a designated table with their respective student(s). 




    School personnel may administer medication to students, in all grade levels, only when all of the following conditions are met:                                            

    1. Parents must complete the form Parent Permission for Administration of Medication.
    2. Parents must bring the medication to school. Transportation of medication by students is not permitted.                                                  
    3. The medication must be stored in the container issued by the pharmacy, with the name of the student, prescribing physician or dentist, name of medication, and time/dosage to be given.
    4. Students should report to the office to request medications. Students are not called to the office.                                                                           



    The nurse is the only one that can administer non-prescription medications.  Students may not administer any medications, including prescription and non-prescription, to themselves. Prescription and non-prescription medication must be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian. Medication must be in the original container. 



    Students may carry inhalers for asthma with them to be used when needed.  Appropriate paperwork must be filled out and filed with the nurse.



    If a student becomes too ill to remain in school, he/she should request to see the nurse. The nurse or office staff will call parents to pick up ill students.  The student may see the school nurse whenever possible.  A student going home sick will remain in class, whenever possible, until his/her parent arrives.  A parent must come into the school building before a student can be released. A student can only be released to his/her parent unless approval is given by the parent for a student to leave with another person.



    Full lunches consist of 1 entrée, 2 vegetables,

    1 fruit and 1 milk. A la carte items are also available. Food items meet the requirements of the RCPS Wellness Program. Students are encouraged to deposit money into their account for the week.  Please write checks to CSM Cafeteria or pay online at myschoolbucks.com. Outside lunches may be delivered to school by a parent.  Outside lunches may not be brought in for groups of students. Lunch visitors are limited to the parent(s) and/or immediate family member(s) of the student. Lunch visitors will be seated at a designated table with their respective student(s). 



    1. Do not take open cans or food containers out of the cafeteria.
    2. Do not run or push.
    3. Do not cut in line or save places.
    4. Do not yell or shout.
    5. Stop talking immediately whenever an announcement is made.
    6. Place trash and trays in the proper place.
    7. Students should leave the cafeteria in an

    orderly manner and go quietly to their next class.

    1. No glass containers are permitted in the building.
    2. Do not leave the cafeteria without permission.





    Successful school work is dependent upon regular class attendance.  The following procedure will be followed to encourage regular attendance.


    1. When a student’s accumulated absences, tardies, or early dismissals reach five (5) within the first semester, the school will notify the parents in writing and advise them that their child’s progress could be jeopardized.
    2. When ten (10) days of absences, tardies, or early dismissals have accumulated, the parents will be advised in writing and a meeting with the school social worker/truancy and intervention specialist will be scheduled. The school may require a doctor’s note for further absences to be excused.
    3. The school social worker/truancy and intervention specialist will take whatever steps appropriate to promote regular attendance, including possible court intervention.

    The above procedure (steps 1-3) does not apply to students who provide medical documentation of hospitalization or chronic or extended illness; nor does it apply to students who have been granted prior permission for the absences by the principal.

    1. When any student has been absent fifteen consecutive days, the student is withdrawn, in accordance with state law and proper notification is sent to the school social worker/truancy and intervention specialist.


    Parents should call to notify the school on the morning a student will be absent.  CSM is required to make a reasonable effort to contact a parent whenever a child is absent.  A call to the school reduces the time spent confirming absences.  Parents may call the attendance office before or after office hours and leave a message at the following number:

    (562-3900 Ext. 30008).


    Upon their return to school, students must bring in a note from a parent or doctor. A written excuse from parent(s) stating the reason for the absence is required.  The excuse should include full student name and grade.

    Excused absences:

    1. Personal illness or an illness in the family
    2. Death in the family
    3. Involuntary court appearance
    4. Absences approved in advance by the administration (Prior Request)
    5. Dental and doctor appointments. A pupil must have a statement from the doctor's or dentist's office upon returning to school.

    All other absences will be considered unexcused.  Unexcused absences will be referred to the administration for appropriate action.



    Students who are aware of a future absence must bring a note from their parent(s) indicating the reason for the absence and requesting the absence be recorded as excused.  The attendance officer will evaluate the request and issue a Prior Request Form.  The student must have this form signed by each of his/her teachers and return it to the office at the end of the day. 



    All students are expected to be in class by 8:20 AM and to be on time to all classes during the school day. Late arrivals disrupt the learning atmosphere for all students in the classroom. Reasons for excused tardiness are the same as those listed under "excused absences”. Since the County provides bus transportation, a student will be considered unexcused if other transportation causes him/her to be tardy.


    If a student has an early morning appointment, a parent should call the school and inform the office that he/she will be tardy due to a medical or dental appointment.  A note from the doctor's office is required and is available from the doctor's office upon request.  


    Students arriving at school tardy must sign in upon arrival in the school office with a written statement of the cause of the tardiness. 



    Tardy to Class/School will result in the following consequences:


    1st Unexcused tardy – Warning issued

    2nd Unexcused tardy – Lunch detention 

    3rd Unexcused tardy – One After-School Detention assigned

    4th Unexcused tardy – One After-School Detention assigned

    5th Unexcused tardy – Two After-School Detentions Assigned

    6th Unexcused tardy – Saturday School Assigned


    Accrual of subsequent tardies will result in a scheduled conference with the school truancy and intervention specialist/social worker.  



    If a child must leave school during the day, he/she must bring a written note from a parent with the student's first and last name, reason for leaving early, time to be excused and parent's signature.  This note is to be brought to the  attendance office.  The student will be called to the office when the parent arrives.  A student will be released only to his/her parent/guardian unless a written request from his/her parent is received.   Students may not leave school grounds without permission.



    Make-up work is the student's responsibility and should be made up within ten days after returning to school.  Extenuating circumstances should be discussed with the teacher(s).  It is the student's responsibility to ask for missed work.  A zero may be given for any make-up work not completed within the time limit.  Students who wish to do make-up work while they are absent should access Blackboard.  



    Homework is assigned at the discretion of the teacher and is in accordance with the needs of the class.  Homework contributes to the ongoing work of a class and is a follow-up to skills or concepts previously introduced.  Homework is not assigned for disciplinary purposes and is not assigned for extended holiday breaks.


    Students are expected to record homework assignments in their student agenda.  It is

    recommended that parents encourage their children to use the agenda and that parents check it regularly.



    Report cards will be sent home at the end of each nine weeks. At the midpoint of each grading period, teachers will update grade and parents are encouraged to check Parent View for updated grade information. The following symbols and numerical equivalents are used for indicating achievement in each course:


    A = 90-100     Superior Achievement

    B = 80- 89      Above Average Achievement

    C = 79- 70      Average Achievement

    D = 69- 60      Below Average Achievement

    F =  0- 59        Unsatisfactory



    Students enrolled in a full-year credit bearing class (i.e.: Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish I, French I, Latin I,) will be given a cumulative final assessment or project at the end of the school year.  This final assessment will be averaged in with the fourth nine weeks grades.  Students may be exempt from final assessments if they meet the grade, attendance, and SOL requirements stipulated by RCPS policy.



    Criteria for Exemption from Final Assessments

    1. Must be a student enrolled in any full-year credit bearing class (Algebra I, Geometry, Spanish 1, French I, Latin I). 
    2. Must have an A or B average in course for the second semester at the time exemptions are declared.


    1. Must attend at least 95% of the meeting time for the second semester up to the time exemptions are declared. Students may not miss more than three days of school for the second semester for courses on the A/B day and five days of school for the second semester for courses that meet daily (e.g. the Algebra 1 and Geometry). Exceptions for the 95% attendance rate include school-sponsored activities and nationally recognized religious holidays. Students must attend at least 50% of a class period in order to be counted present for the purpose of exemption from final assessments.  There are no other exceptions and there is no appeals process.

    Students with incompletes will not be eligible for exemption from final assessments.

    All students, including those being considered for exemption status, must attend all review sessions held for a course. (Students are still responsible for all work; must maintain "A," "B" status through the review sessions.)


    1. If enrolled in a subject with an End-of-Course SOL test, the student must have passed the corresponding SOL test.


    If the SOL score has not been received at the time exemptions are declared, then it will be assumed for exemption purposes that the student passed the SOL test.



    A list of proposed exempted students will be submitted to the principal by the classroom teacher prior to declaring any student exempt from the final examination. This list is subject to review by the principal prior to final approval and notification. Proper notification of each student’s parents shall be made to ensure the parent understands his/her student’s status during the final days of the second semester.


    Exemption decisions upon teacher and principal concurrence are final.




    Second Chance Saturday School is assigned by teachers and is an opportunity for students to complete missing assignments and negate zeros from the grade book. Should a teacher elect to assign Second Chance Saturday School, the teacher will contact the parent. 


    Second Chance Saturday may be cancelled if student work is completed and submitted to the teacher before the assigned Saturday School date.

    The teacher will determine the % of credit a student will receive for late work.


    Students who do not attend assigned Second Chance Saturday School will not receive disciplinary action; students will receive zeros for the incomplete work.



    CSMS offers all students the opportunity to participate in our tutoring program. Students who require additional assistance with daily class work/homework, as well as students who benefit from additional support in preparation for SOL testing, are urged to attend tutoring sessions. After-school tutorial services are offered Monday through Thursday, of each week, in core academic areas. After-school tutoring sessions run from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Please refer to the Tutoring/Remediation Schedule, on the CSMS website, for additional details.



    Students are responsible for exercising reasonable care of textbooks issued by the school.  In the event of the loss or damage of books, an assessment is charged to cover the repair or full replacement costs.



    Parents and students are required to sign the Rules for Responsible Laptop Use before receiving their laptop. Students are responsible for their laptop and accessories. If their laptop or accessory is lost, damaged or stolen, the student is responsible for the repair or replacement cost. 



    Teachers may assign discipline for laptop misuse, such as web surfing or off-task classroom behavior. 

    1st Offense – Warning

    2nd Offense – One After-School Detention          assigned

    3rd Offense – Two After-School Detentions assigned

    4th & Subsequent Offenses - Referred to Administration


    If a student bypasses the RCPS security to download games, etc., Administration reserves the right to revoke laptop privileges and assign disciplinary consequences (Saturday School).


    For further information read the Rules for Responsible Laptop Use.



    A dress code is important to prepare students for expectations of appropriate dress in the workplace. A dress code also creates an atmosphere of “dress for respect”: self-respect, respect for those around you, and basic modesty. All students must  follow the following RCPS guidelines:



    General Guidelines:

    • Short/skirt length should be no higher than mid-thigh.
    • No undergarments (including bra straps), cleavage, or midriffs should be exposed.
    • Safe shoes are required at all times.


    The following should NOT be worn in school:

    • Sleeves with oversized armholes
    • See through garments  
    • Form-fitted shorts (i.e., biker shorts)
    • Cut offs, torn, or ripped clothing that exposes skin above mid-thigh
    • Grossly oversized clothing
    • Shirts with spaghetti straps
    • Tube tops
    • Pajamas
    • Bedroom slippers



    The following should NOT be worn in school:

    • Heavy, metal chains
    • Any accessories with spikes (jewelry, belts, etc.)
    • Dog chains or collars
    • Sunglasses
    • Headgear including hats, caps, sweatbands, bandanas, wave caps, or scarves (except for religious beliefs or documented medical purposes)



    • Anything considered dangerous, distracting, or disruptive to the instructional environment is prohibited.
    • Clothing or accessories should not bear messages or pictures that are profane, obscene, offensive to others, or promote gangs, violence, drugs or alcohol.


    The administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes appropriate dress.



    1st Offense - The student must change into appropriate clothing. Student will receive a dress code letter to be taken home to parent/guardian. The letter will serve as a reminder of the Roanoke County Dress Code.

    2nd Offense - When a student is found to be in violation of the dress code, they will be placed in In-School Detention until suitable clothing can be brought to school.

    3rd Offense - Should there be a third violation of the dress code, the student will be assigned one day of In-School Detention.



    Students are required to leave their backpacks in their lockers. Students should go to their lockers in between classes to get materials necessary for that class. There is ample time provided between classes for students to reach their next class on time.

    1. Hall lockers are assigned by the administration; PE lockers are assigned by the PE teachers. Students are not allowed to change from one locker to another without permission from the principal.
    2. Lockers must not be pre-set. Do not give locker combinations to other students.  Should a student decide to share his/her combination with another student, he/she must be prepared to deal with the problems created.
    3. The principal, or designated person in his

            absence, may search a student’s locker or desk.

    1. Report all locker problems to the main office.
    2. Lockers are to be kept clean at all times. No food should be left in lockers. Lockers should be cleaned out periodically and at end of school.
    3. No decorations may be placed on the exterior of lockers.
    4. Items placed within the locker must not block or harm the lock mechanism.
    5. The school is not responsible for items left in the locker.



    School authorities have the right to search lockers, desks or other facilities, as well as individuals and their belongings when there are reasonable grounds for believing that items will be found which violate law, school policy, or which may be harmful to the school community.  School authorities may use metal detectors for both random and reasonable suspicion searches. 


    In an effort to ensure that each school maintains a safe learning environment, police dogs will be brought onto school property to search school premises, including but not limited to lockers, desks, book bags, instrument cases, hand bags and vehicles parked on school property.  Any articles which violate the law or school rules, will be confiscated and appropriate

    disciplinary action taken.



    Personal electronic devices (iPads, laptops, and cell phones, etc.) are brought to school at the student’s own risk and are not to be used during school hours without approval.  Students choosing to bring such devices must keep these items off and secured in their locker during the school day.  Any violation of these requirements will result in confiscation of the device. 


    The guidance department is located adjacent to the front office.  Counselors are available to help with educational and vocational planning as well as personal or social problems.



    Please inform the school with any address or phone number changes. Contact the school to update the emergency contact information as needed.



    The primary purpose of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to provide education, assistance, and support for students. The SAP counselor can assist students with prevention and intervention support related to difficulties with violence, tobacco, alcohol, drug use, and other challenges that contribute to truancy, low grades, discipline problems and the inability to succeed in the educational setting. Students and family members are encouraged to contact the program with the assurance that such contacts will be handled sensitively and confidentially.  To schedule an appointment with the SAP Coordinator, please call the school.



    Cave Spring offers students a variety of activities.  Numerous athletic events are scheduled each season.  All students are encouraged to become involved in an area that is of interest to them.


    When participating in an after school activity, students must plan to have transportation provided at the correct time.  Coaches and sponsors cannot leave until all students they are supervising have left. If transportation is a problem, discuss it with the sponsor/coach prior to the event in order to make arrangements. Please do not detain sponsors and coaches.



    School socials are designed to provide students with an opportunity to socialize and meet new friends. Socials are monitored by school staff. 

    Students are not permitted to leave the social and re-enter while the social is in progress.  All school rules apply at a school social including appropriate clothing.

    Students with recent assignments to In-School Detention, PM Detention or repeated behavioral problems may not be allowed to attend these activities.



    Cave Spring Middle sponsors football, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball, and track for boys; volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, track, and cheerleading for girls. Team membership is open to any 7th or 8th grade student. 


    All participants in the athletic program must meet all requirements established by the Virginia High School League and the Roanoke Valley Junior High and Middle School League.  These requirements include maintaining passing grades in academic classes and having a physical examination completed by a doctor after May 1 of the current year. 


    An athlete must be in school 3.5 hours (half day) on the school day he/she expects to participate in a game, practice or conditioning program.  Students assigned to In-School Detention or After-School Detention may not participate in any after school activities. 



    Each student will receive a copy of the Roanoke County Student Conduct Code.  Parents can access it through the RCPS website, under Quick Links.


    The faculty and administration believe that helping students develop self-discipline must be a team effort. If the school is to achieve its goal of preparing students to succeed and be contributing members of society, it is the responsibility of both the school and the parents to provide the guidance necessary. While such self-discipline is not quickly or easily accomplished, students must know that the school and the family are working together to provide guidance and direction.

    When a student displays behavior which is not acceptable, a response from the teacher or administrator involved should be expected.  Below are listed some disciplinary options available to the school staff:



    Administration may assign Lunch Detention/Quiet Table for the 2nd unexcused tardy to school and for discipline. Teachers will assign Lunch Detention/Quiet Table for the 2nd unexcused tardy to class. This is a reserved seating area where no communication is allowed. 


    PM DETENTION (3:30-4:15)

    Students are assigned 45 minutes after school for failure to abide by school rules.  The teacher or principal who assigns the detention will notify parents.  The detention must be served within 5 days. A day’s notice will be given and the student will be expected to furnish his/her own transportation.  Failure to stay for detention will result in additional disciplinary action.



    Should a teacher find that a behavior problem does not improve after his/her attempts to deal with it; a referral may be made to the appropriate principal.  The principal will evaluate the facts involved and determine the appropriate disciplinary measures.  These measures may include, but are not limited to, restrictions on participation in activities, assignment to In-School Detention, suspension, or request for expulsion.



    Saturday School is assigned by administration. Saturday School hours are from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. During Saturday School, students are expected to work on school assignments or read; failure to comply with Saturday School rules will result in students being sent home with no credit for time served. Students who fail to serve Saturday School may be suspended from school.



    Participation in field trips, dances, assemblies, and other activities is a privilege.  Students lose the privilege to participate in these activities as a consequence for chronic misbehavior and serious offenses such as fighting, defiance of authority, and violations of substance use policy.



    Sharing answers on tests or other assignments is considered cheating.  Students found guilty of cheating may receive a zero on the assignment.



    Students shall not use, be under the influence of, or have in their possession on school property or while engaged in or attending a school-sponsored activity, alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or any controlled substance or drug paraphernalia.   They shall not give, sell, distribute or intend to distribute alcoholic beverages, marijuana or any controlled substance.  This shall also apply to any substance intended to look like alcohol, marijuana or controlled substance.  Misuse, possession, or distribution of other medications, over the counter medications or substances is a

    violation of school rules.



    Virginia law prohibits smoking on public schools grounds. Students shall not possess, use, or transmit tobacco products while under the supervision of school personnel (Rule 3, Roanoke County Student Conduct Code). Students violating this rule will be charged by the Roanoke County Police Department for underage use and/or possession of tobacco. Students are referred to a smoking cessation program.


    1st Offense: Parents are notified, students are counseled and one day of Saturday School is assigned. Students may make up schoolwork.

    2nd Offense: Parents are notified, students are counseled, and two days In-School Detention is assigned. Students may make up schoolwork.

    3rd & Subsequent Offenses: Parents are notified, and Administration reserves the right to assign further consequences.

    Please see RCPS Policy & Regulation Link 3.29



    Carrying, bringing, using or possessing any firearm, dangerous device, or dangerous or deadly weapon in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle or at any school sponsored activity without the authorization of the school or the school division is prohibited and is grounds for disciplinary action. This also applies to any REPLICA of a weapon or TOY representing a weapon. The disciplinary sanction for bringing a firearm to school or to a school sponsored activity is expulsion for at least one year or 365 days. Violation of this policy shall require that proceedings for the discipline of the student be initiated immediately by the principal.



    In addition to school penalties, violations of law will be turned over to the Roanoke County Police Department.



    A Roanoke County Police Officer is assigned to each middle school to assist in maintaining safe school environments and to support the administration and staff whenever this area of expertise is required.



    Students are not permitted to leave school with anyone other than their parents unless written permission from their parent has been received.


    Be a STAR on the bus!

    S - Sit and remain seated facing forward    throughout the entire drive.

    TTalk at a conversation level of volume.

    A-about Appropriate topic matter only

    RRespectful behavior always to fellow passengers and the driver.



    1. Strict obedience to bus drivers.
    2. Find a seat and remain in the seat facing forward until the bus stops.
    3. Do not put your head, hand or arms out the window.


    1. Do not throw anything inside the bus or out of the bus window.
    2. Do not eat or drink on the bus.
    3. Do not use inappropriate language.
    4. Talk in a normal voice. Do not yell at the driver or other students.
    5. Do not take pictures with cell phones.
    6. No laptop use at all.
    7. No physical contact such as fighting, punching, shoving, etc.
    8. If you plan to ride a bus other than the one to which you are assigned, you must bring written request from your parent and secure a bus pass from the office in the morning.


    Riding the school bus is a privilege. Students

    who refuse to cooperate and behave

    appropriately on school buses will be required to

    find alternative transportation to and from




    Office personnel are not available to make deliveries to students.  If a student knows that an item (lunch, homework, gym suit) is being delivered to the office, the student is responsible for checking between classes to pick it up.  Outside lunches may be delivered to school only by a parent.  Outside lunches may not be brought in for groups of students.

    Messages are delivered to students during lunch and at the end of the day on the afternoon announcements.  We do not interrupt instructional time for messages or deliveries except in emergency situations.  Messages and deliveries for students will only be accepted from the student’s parent.



    Please do not send flowers/balloons, etc. to the school.  Expressions of love or concern should be sent directly to the student’s home, rather than to school.  Students may not carry flowers and/or balloons with them to class. 



    After checking with their teachers and retracing their schedule, students may check with the office for lost items.


    Students should not wear valuable rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces to school or bring valuable items to school.  If a student chooses to bring such an item to school, he/she is responsible for the care and security of their own possessions. The school does not assume responsibility for student’s personal items.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



    Water is available from machines located in the hallways.  These machines may be used before and after school.  They are not operational during lunch.



    Public demonstration of affection in school is not appropriate.  Inappropriate physical contact may result in disciplinary consequences.



    Students will receive instruction from their teachers regarding assemblies.  All students are expected to exhibit courteous and appropriate conduct at all times. 



    Students are not permitted to be in the halls without a hall pass while classes are in progress.  During class changes students are not permitted to socialize in areas designated for other grade levels. 



    No posters or other information may be displayed in the building unless approved by the administration.  Posters advertising an activity must be removed immediately following the activity.