LIFE Counseling Program

  • The role of the LIFE counselor will be to lead individuals and foster empowerment with our students.  Counselors will demonstrate the ability to establish productive relationships with students, parents, staff, and community members.  Counselors will provide individual and group counseling to students, Counselors will also provide education on approved mental health, trauma, and substance topics to our students, staff, and parents.  Our LIFE counselors will focus on prevention and intervention to promote academic, personal growth, and well-being.  If you would like your student to see a LIFE counselor, please contact your student’s school.


  • LIFE Counselors:

    CSMS: Tim Hayes, MSW                           

    CSHS: Christy Cundiff, LPSC, LPC

    GMS: Sandra Kay, LPC                     

    GHS: Donna Clevenger, LPSC                     

    HVMS: Ashley King, LPC

    HVHS: Scott Cundiff, LMFT

    NMS: Jessica Niedermeier, LPC

    NHS: Prestonia Kier, MSW

    WBMS: Allyse Dunlop, LPC  

    WBHS: Alexandria Gunn, LPSC