• What is Bullying?


    • Bullying is aggressive and unwanted behavior that is intended to harm, intimidate, or humiliate the target.


    • Conflict is a disagreement between two or more people where each person involved is participating. It may involve repeated discussion and actions by all parties and may go on for a period of time before resolution occurs.


     What’s the Difference? Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying Behavior


    Rude – inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts someone else

    •  In kids, this might look like bragging about the highest grade, burping in someone’s

               face or jumping ahead in line.

    •  Rudeness is usually spontaneous, unplanned, and inconsiderate – it is based on

               thoughtlessness or poor manners, but not meant to actually hurt someone.


    Mean – purposefully saying or doing something to hurt someone else once (or twice)

    •  Mean behavior often aims to hurt or depreciate someone.

               Examples: “Are you seriously wearing that sweater again?”

                               “You’re so fat/ugly/stupid.”


    Bullying – intentionally aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power


     4 Types of Bullying

      1. Physical – person uses their body or an object to hurt another person

      2. Verbal – someone uses spoken or written words to hurt another person’s feelings

      3. Mental/Emotional – someone hurts another person’s feelings by making other people think badly

          about them (i.e.   rumors, gossip, excluding someone from an activity on purpose, etc.)

      4. Cyber – someone uses a phone, computer or other electronic device as a way to say or do mean things to

          someone else