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    Roanoke County Public Schools has a proud present and past. We celebrate the accomplishments of our students, teachers, and staff even as we focus on our future.  As we move forward, RCPS will build on our many strengths and implement the ideals of the C-Change Framework in order to prepare every student, in every school, in every classroom to be Opportunity Ready.

    The C-Change Framework is aptly named because it:

    • represents a shift in thinking (a "sea change") in response to questions such as "What do we want our students to know and be able to do in order to be prepared for post-secondary challenges and opportunities?" and "What kind of learning experiences would we want for our own children?";
    • focuses on the "C" attributes and success skills articulated in the RCPS and Virginia Profiles of a Graduate; and 
    • boldly declares that we need to see change in our schools and classrooms as we work toward a better balance in teaching, learning, and assessment.

    20/20 Vision: C-ing Clearly is a two-year challenge to achieve measurable progres toward two big ideas:

    1. The C-Change Framework describes the consistent experience of every student, in every school, in every classroom; and 
    2. RCPS produces students who are Opportunity Ready.

    What does this mean? First, the C-Change Framework represents the holistic mission of RCPS. Just as teaching and learning are complex, sophisticated processes involving many variables, so, too, does the C-Change Framework represent not only the essence of teaching and learning, but also the circumstances and conditions that make it possible. At the core of the C-Change Framework is the idea of deeper learning.  Put simply, RCPS defines deeper learning as learning that is engaging and purposeful. There are many ways for teachers to create deeper c change logo learning experiences from effective questioning strategies to Project-Based Learning, and they are always intentional about incorporating the development of the "C" success skills. Deeper Learning experiences occur within the context of certain critical conditions and resources:

    • Balance (accredited schools in which learning is exciting and purposeful)
    • School and Classroom Climate (safety is key along with respect and a sense of belonging for each student)
    • Learning Culture (passion for learning is contagious)
    • Professional Growth (continue to equip and grow within job-embedded coaching and learning)
    • Support Tools and Services (nutrition, technology, finance, health care, transportation, maintenance... it takes a village!)

    RCPS is proud to already have many examples of schools and classrooms that exemplify the ideals of the C-Change Framework, and we will continue to work together to ensure that it is the consistent experience of every student. 

    The second big idea is that RCPS produces students whjo are Opportunity Ready. Renowned scientist Louis Pasteur said "chance favors only the prepared mind." For RCPS, being Opportunity Ready means that our students are prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead and take full advantage of every opportunity. That means that in-demand skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thiking, creativity, and citizenship are no longer optional "soft" skills; they are required skills every graduate needs for success. 

    These two big ideas come together in the form of the RCPS vision statement:

    "preparing every student, in every school, in every classroom to be Opportunity Ready"


    See Superintendent's slide presentation on the 20/20 Vision.

Last Modified on October 4, 2019