• 2021-2022 School Year SOL Testing Information

    Standards of Learning (SOL) testing has been reinstated in Virginia by the Virginia Department of Education.  There are new SOL pretests in grades 3-8 math and reading that will help teachers deterine how well students mastered content from the previous Covid-19 interrupted year.  These will be shorter and will be done after August 23rd in the normal class block.  Students are not given a pass/fail designation on the pretests.

    SOL Testing will take place in the following courses:

    3rd Grade: Reading, Mathematics

    4th Grade: Reading, Mathematics, Virginia Studies

    5th Grade: Reading, Mathematics, Science

    6th Grade: Reading, Mathematics,

    7th Grade: Reading, Mathematics

    8th Grade: Reading, Mathematics, Science, Civics

    High School: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, English 10 Performance Assessments (Writing), English 11 Reading, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, World History I, World History II/AP World History, US/VA History

    High school students who have already met their graduation requirements in a subject and have met federal participation requirements may not have to take some of these SOLs.  Many students do not need to take Chemistry, World History II, and US/VA History.   Some students have also taken Algebra I or Geometry in middle school and don't need to take those SOLs in high school.