Dual Enrollment Information


    DE courses are courses high school students may take to earn credit toward their high school diploma while simultaneously earning college credit through VWCC. The courses are taught in RCPS classrooms by RCPS teachers who are also serving as credentialed instructors for VWCC. The number of VWCC credits that a student may earn in a high school course varies from course to course. Many course credits earned through VWCC are transferable to four-year universities.

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    In order to earn VWCC college credit for DE courses, RCPS students must apply for admission to VWCC. Complete information explaining how to apply explaining the requirements is found on the Virginia Western Dual Enrollment Website.  RCPS school counselors will work with students to help navigate the admissions process.  Students and parents need to know that once a student registers for a VWCC course, he or she is officially a VWCC student and must follow VWCC policies regarding grading and withdrawing from a class.


    One advantage of DE courses is that RCPS students may earn college credit at a lower cost as compared to full-price tuition. Each year, VWCC and RCPS decide, based on prevailing budgetary conditions, the percentage of tuition that students will pay. As in past years, students enrolling in DE courses will pay the VWCC tuition through their school.

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