Human Resources Staff

  • Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and Human Resources
    Dr. Jessica McClung

    Director of Human Resources
    Jim Bradshaw
    562-3900 x 10141

    Supervisor of Human Resources
    Jodylee Edsall
    562-3900 x 10143

    HR Systems Manager
    Derrick Hollins
    562-3900 x 10145

    Licensure Manager & Support Personnel
    Melissa Hornby
    562-3900 x 10142

    Benefits & FMLA Coordinator
    Lenora Downing
    562-3900 x 10146

    Instructional Personnel, Tuition Assistance & Substitutes
    Debbie Shelor
    562-3900 x 10140

    Payroll Specialist -  TalentEd, Compensation & Contracts
    Stacy Whetstone
    562-3900 x 10147

    Administrative Assistant - VRS Retirement, Retiree Benefits & EEWP 
    Tracey Epperly
    562-3900 x 10148

    Administrative Assistant - AESOP/Absence Management & Fingerprinting/Badges
    Joshua Poindexter
    562-3900 x 10144

    Administrative Assistant - HR
    Linda A. Sable
    562-3900 x 10149

  • Interested in joining Roanoke County Public Schools? 

    We accept applications via an online process. 

    Please click on the link below to search job openings and to begin an application.

     Online Employment Application

  • Active employees:

    Most HR forms and documents as well as information on benefits for active employees are located on the RCS Intranet.

    The RCS Intranet can be accessed from home or school.

    From the RCPS Homepage, click the "Sign In" icon located in the upper right corner of the homepage.  Enter your RCPS username and password, the same one that you use to log into the network.

    Once you have signed in, you will see a link to the RCS Intranet in the navigation bar.