RCPSOnline Academy
  • Current RCPSOnline Academy Dates:

    The summer session begins June 3rd and ends July 12th

    Face-to-face final assessments are scheduled for July 10th, 11th, and 12th


  • Joe LeGault

    Supervisor of English and RCPSOnline

    (540) 562-3900 ext. 10252

  • Dear RCPSOnline Academy Students and Families,

    We are a little more than two weeks away from the end of the Academy summer session, and we wanted to relay some information regarding the end of the course. We apologize for the length of this email. There is a lot of information, so please read it carefully.

    If you are required to take an SOL test in a class you are enrolled in, you should receive information about where and when to take your SOL test from your teacher. If you have questions about your SOL, please contact your teacher immediately for clarification.

    Anyone not taking an SOL test is required to take a face-to-face final assessment unless you are a senior or rising senior who meets the exemption criteria. This can be found in school board policy 6.16 linked HERE. Attendance does not apply to Academy classes. Please check with your teacher concerning your exemption status.

    If you are not an exempt senior or rising senior, and you are not required to take an SOL test, you will take a face-to-face final assessment. Unless otherwise notified by your teacher or other previous arrangement, this assessment will take place July 10th, 11th, or 12th at 8:30 AM in the Northside High School cafeteria. You may choose which day you would prefer to take your assessment, but you must sign up. You will receive signup instructions from your teacher, and they are also included below.

    If you have questions, please feel free to email us at rcpsonlineacademy@rcps.us

    Final assessment signup directions:

    NOTE: if you are taking more than one final assessment you will need to go back in and enter your second test. (You may take two tests on the same day.)