• August 24, 2020

    Dear Parent,

    On December 10, 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into law. Section 1112(e)(1)(A) states that as a parent of a student in Total Elementary, receiving Title I funds, you have the right to know the professional qualifications of the classroom teachers instructing your child. Federal law requires the school division to provide you this information in a timely manner if you request it.  Specifically, you have the right to request the following information about each of your child’s classroom teachers:

    • Whether the teacher has met state qualification and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction.
    • Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status because of special circumstances.
    • Whether the teacher is teaching in the field of discipline of the certification or degree he/she received
    • Whether paraprofessionals provide services to your child and, if so, their qualifications.
    • In addition to the rights regarding teacher information, Section 1112(e)(2) of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) requires school divisions to notify parents of students in Title I schools that they have a right to know about state or division policies regarding student participation in any assessments mandated by ESSA, including any policy, procedure, or parental right to opt students out of such assessments. Virginia has no opt-out program, but if you would like to receive information about SOL test refusal, please contact Ben Williams, RCPS Director of Assessment, either by phone at 562-3900 x10257, or via e-mail at bewilliams@rcps.us.

    Parents interested in learning more about the student achievement at the school can visit the new Virginia Department of Education School Quality Profile site. It can be found online at http://schoolquality.virginia.gov/.

    If you would like to receive any of this information, including a hard copy of the School Quality Profile, please contact Julie Sandzimier, Principal.


    Stephanie Hogan

    Executive Director of Instruction