Technology Help Desk

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    1. Go to:
    2. Click on the “Parents & Students” tab at the top of the page
    3. Under “Quick Links” Choose “Blackboard Learn Login”
    4. Choose “Parents Click Here”
    5. Enter your Username and Password
    6. You are now logged in and should see a screen that says, “Where are my Classes?”


    1. In the left menu, at the bottom, click “Tools”
    2. Click “Parent”
    3. Next to your student’s name, click their linked (blue) username.
    4. Hover your cursor over the class you want to see, click the down arrow, and choose “observe” (if you get the message “This action will change the user being observed…” Click OK)
    5. You should now be viewing the selected class. (See info below.)
    6. To view a different class, click the ‘X’ in the top left corner to close the current class, then repeat steps 1 – 4

    Your Parent Blackboard account gives you permissions as an observer. You, or your student, will not be able to submit assignments or see teacher feedback for individual assignments from this account (only student accounts have those rights). If you do not see content that you feel like you should be able to see, contact the teacher for that class. Some items must be individually marked as visible to observer (parent) accounts.



    Activate Microsoft Office

    1. Open Word or PowerPoint.
    2. Click Sign In.
    3. Type in the student’s school email (ends in and click Next.
    4. Type in the student’s password and click Sign In.
    5. Click Ok.
    6. Click Done.


    Sign in to OneDrive

    1. Click on the Windows Start button then find the OneDrive app and click to open.
    2. Sign in using the student’s school email (ends in and password.
    3. Click Next to follow through the tutorial. At the end, click “Open my OneDrive folder”.  Remember to always save your documents into the OneDrive – Roanoke County


    Sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud

    1. Click the Windows Start button and find the Adobe Creative Cloud app and click to open.
    2. Sign in using the student’s school email (ends in and password.
    3. After it loads, you can close the program.


    Setting up a Home Printer

     RCPS does not provide printers for home use. However, you can connect most    home printers to a student laptop. There are a wide variety of printers, but many printers will connect using one of these 2 methods:

    Option 1 – Connect with a USB cable: (easiest option)

    1. Plug the USB cord from the printer to the laptop
    2. Laptop should recognize a new device and auto-install the printer.

    Option 2 – Wireless Printer

    1. Type Printers in the Windows search bar
    2. Click on Printers and Scanners
    3. Choose Add a Printer or Scanner
    4. Your network will be searched for an Available printer – Click Printer Name
    5. Choose Add Device

    Please refer to the documentation that came with your printer for more directions


    How to access Video Tutorials for Students in Blackboard

    1.    Open Google Chrome

    2.    Sign in to ClassLink (regular U/N and P/W)

    3.    Click the Blackboard app icon 

    4.    On the left menu, choose Organizations

    5.    Open the Technology Tutorials organization

    6.    On left menu select 2020-2021 Technology Tutorials

    7.    On right, you will see tutorial videos grouped by grade level. You may watch any of the videos for help with your laptop set-up.


                  RCPS Middle and High School Laptop Set-Up Directions for At-Home Use


    **The steps below must be completed the first time you log in to your RCPS laptop from home**

    Initial Laptop Login Directions – for home use

    To begin, turn the laptop on, press Ctrl + Alt + Del, and click OK

    1.    Click the Internet Icon in the bottom right of your screen

    2.    From the list of networks choose your home network and click Connect

    3.    Enter your home Wi-Fi password and click Next

    4.    *It may indicate that you are NOT yet connected, this is normal. Please continue to the next step of connecting the VPN to solve this issue.


    Connecting to the VPN

    1.    Once completing steps above, click the Network Sign-In icon in the bottom right of your screen (to the left of the Wi-Fi icon)

    2.    Allow time for the connection to happen.

    3.    Log in to the laptop using your RCPS Username and Password.


    Need Technical Support?

    For technical support with your RCPS Laptop: EMAIL: or CALL: 540-562-3880 and leave a message

    Please provide the following information in any email and/or voicemail:

    ·       Laptop Name (see label on top cover)

    ·       Student name, grade, and school

    ·       A description of the issue

    ·       Your preferred contact information