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    General Information:

    Grades 9-12 only

    Taking classes online erases the barriers of time and place, allowing students to participate in “anytime/anyplace learning.” RCPSonline is a program that allows students to work independently. Classes are offered in three sessions, summer, fall, and spring, and students will complete an entire course in one session. Summer session begins and ends around the same time as traditional face-to-face summer school and runs approximately six-weeks. The fall session begins roughly two weeks after the regular school year begins and runs for approximately 12 weeks ending before Winter Break. The spring session begins in mid to late January and runs for approximately 12 weeks. Courses are open to any rising 9th–12th grade student, provided they meet the criteria for the class. Students must have access to a computer with Internet access and an email account to participate in RCPSonline.  Laptop computers are currently made available to RCPS high school students during the school year, but computers are not issued to students during the summer months. As with face-to-face classes, the availability of virtual classes is contingent on sufficient course enrollment.

    The RCPSonline program includes both NO-COST courses and tuition-based SUPPLEMENTAL courses. Any RCPS high school student may take one no-cost online course per academic year. No-cost online courses must be part of the student’s eight period schedule and are not available during the summer. Supplemental online courses are tuition-based and allow a student to take more than eight classes for credit in an academic year. More specific information is available from your school counselor.

    It is important to remember that online learning requires the students to be independent, motivated learners.

    For students to be successful in an online course, the following components should be present:

    Students should

    • avoid procrastinating behavior
    • possess motivation to learn
    • possess the ability to follow written directions
    • learn independently
    • have access to an online service that is reliable
    • have access to a reliable computer equipped with MS Word, MS PowerPoint, a printer, and free Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • possess a working knowledge of technology, including Internet research skills and skilled use of the above software
    • communicate effectively with their instructor regarding subject matter and any other problem
    • read and comprehend a variety of written communications

    Registration for NO-COST courses takes place only during the registration period and may not be added after the window closes. The only exception is for newly enrolled students. Students enrolling in NO-COST courses will be assigned fall or spring session depending on course and instructor availability. Students may not request a specific session.

    Students may register for SUPPLEMENTAL courses at any time during the school year. Registration for a SUPPLEMENTAL course is not complete until tuition is paid in full. Students enrolled in an online SOL course are required to take the corresponding SOL test. Summer session students will take the SOL test at theregular summer school location during the scheduled testing time. Fall or spring session students will take the SOL test at their base school during the scheduled testing time. The drop-without-penalty date for any online course is two weeks from the beginning of the course. Students dropping an RCPSonline course after the drop date will receive a failing grade. No tuition refunds will be given after the course begins.

    Students should consult with their school counselor to see if they are an appropriate candidate for online learning.

    There are no exam exemptions for online courses.

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