• The WBMS Makerspace is a place where students can create, collaborate, and use critical thinking skills using various technologies and supplies that we have available. We have a 3d printer, a “Fix-it” table, Sphero balls, Legos, a huge supply of art materials, an area for music composition on the program Garageband, Snap circuits, Littlebits, Cubelets, robotics, claymation materials, and much more!! In addition, we offer special technology learning sessions on coding, 3d printing, sewing electronics, investigating the inside of laptops with technicians, and special activities throughout the school year.

    We function in two roles for our students. Our first role is unstructured and it entails students experimenting, building, creating, and playing (yes, playing because that is how we all learn)  with items that represent different learning strengths and interests (art, robotics, electricity,  3d printing, video creation, music creation, writing, etc.). Our second role is in classroom projects. Students use the materials to demonstrate mastery of a topic through non-traditional activities.

Project Choices

  • Green Screen Video

    Creat your own backgrounds using PowerPoint or import pictures See below in "Teacher Resources" for the planning sheet. Student examples: Rainforest , Book Report . Additional Resources: https://www.smore.com/zs51f 



    Build a diorama for a project using the supplies in our Makerspace. See below in “Teacher Resources” for the planning sheet. Student Examples: Check out the photo gallery below.   Add Hydraulics using Syringes to make your project have movement or add electricity to your projects! Additional Resources: https://www.smore.com/qpx9n




    Use the Makey-Makey to incorporate audio into a presentation.  This project includes simple coding using Scratch that can be programmed to share facts, sounds, and much more!!  See below in "Teacher Resources for the planning sheet. Student example: Book Report. Additional Resources/step-by-step directions: https://www.smore.com/4t3b5


    Minecraft EDU

    Build your project in an educational version of Minecraft. Student example: Animal Cell 




    Use Glogster to create an online poster that includes video, images, music, links, etc. A short and simple tutorial is available here. Student examples: Savannah  



    StoryboardThat is used to create comics, graphic novels, timelines, graphic organizers, and much more!  Additional Resources: https://www.smore.com/hb1wu 


    Stopmotion Videos

    Stopmotion videos can be made with Legos, clay, or regular paper/recyclable materials. Videos will be filmed on IPads or your laptop using a phone camera. For a  Tutorial for stop-motion press here.   Additional resources and examples: https://www.smore.com/8vf4t


    3d Printing

    Students use the program Tinkercad to create a virtual project. Files are then saved in a special format to be printed on our Makerbot 3D printer. 


    Hummingbird Kit

    This robotic kit allows students to use simple coding of robotic pieces to incorporate movement, speech, lights,  and sounds, into their project.  So cool!! Check out these examples!


    Little Bits

    If you need an easier option for adding lights, sounds, movement into your project, try our Little Bits. Example



    Create a virtual reality video, add links/text/video to an image.. and much more. Example


    Create a mashup with Chatterpix and IMovie to create a conversation between two animals, famous people, etc. Example