• Roanoke County Book Selection Policy:

    The Roanoke County Public Schools library program has a book selection policy for our schools that supports the curriculum, incorporates current educational trends, and considers the needs, interests, and diversity of our students.


    When selecting books for purchase, school librarians consider professional reviews and recommended reading ages. Nonfiction books are selected based on accuracy, scope, reliability, format, points of interest, and potential use. Materials on opposing sides of controversial issues are purchased so that students may develop critical thinking skills. Fiction books are selected based on the needs of the collection, popularity, quality, curriculum-connections, and professional book reviews. Recommendations from students and staff members are encouraged and honored when possible.  Donated books must meet the same criteria as newly purchased books.


    Middle School Collections:

    In a library that serves students ranging in ages from eleven to fourteen, a wide variety of materials are needed. What is exciting and appropriate for eleven-year-olds may not be interesting or relevant for fourteen-year-olds and vice versa. When students first visit the library each year, Ms. Balsley will tell them that “Libraries are all about choice. If you choose a book that makes you uncomfortable or that would make your parents uncomfortable, please return it and find a book you can completely enjoy.” Parents can help students enjoy the library. Ask students what they are reading and talk to them about their choice.


    7:45 A.M. To 3:30 P.M.


    Heather Balsley, Library Media Specialist
    Kathleen Tardy, Circulation Specialist


    The vision of the Roanoke County Public School Library program is to empower students to learn technology and 21st-century skills incorporating collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship. 


    The mission of the Roanoke County Public School Library program is to provide quality learning experiences designed to equip students with the skills to adapt and thrive in a changing global environment. The libraries extend and enhance the classroom experience: a place where students, teachers, and librarians can explore, learn, create, and collaborate. Librarians foster a love of reading and learning in addition to modeling and utilizing current technologies to assist students in becoming proficient and responsible users of information.

    Library Policies:

    Attendance: Students may come to the Media Center before and after school, with class, and from lunch with a library lunch pass.

    Check out: Students start by checking out 2 books each year and then can earn more books by showing responsibility with their checkouts. 

    Please Note: Food, Gum, and Drinks are not allowed in the Media Center.

    Damage and Fine Book Policy:

    The following chart was established to provide consistency in charges that result from damage to a library book. We have included the process that the staff takes to notify the students of our policy and how we maintain our records of damages. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


    Damage:                               Materials May Include:                           ________   Fee:

    Replacing Plastic Cover           Book cover, tape, and labels                                    $3.00

    Page, corner damage               Book binding tape, labels, book glue                        $1.50 or up to replacement cost

    Permanent marks                    Book repair white paint                                          $1.00 or up to replacement cost

    Damage that can't                                                                                              Replacement cost of book
    be repaired (water damage,                                                                                
    mold, strong smells, etc...)


    Book Binding Damage               Book Binding Tape, Book glue                          $3.00 or replacement cost of book

    Lost book                                                                                                      Replacement Cost

    Spine Damage                          Book tape, glue, rebind                                    Minimum $2.00                                                                                                    

    Distribution of Policy:

    Our Damage and Fine Policy is given to each student at the beginning of the school year.  We discuss how we arrive at the fees, what the fees are, and why we have a set fee policy.  The process of keeping a Damage Record (see below) is discussed as well as their roll in checking through books for damage before they leave the library.  If the student finds damage before they leave the library, then it is noted on the record.

    Included in our beginning of the school year activities we greatly emphasis book care rules, and how particular care must be given in placing books in their backpack/locker and how the weakest part of a book is the spine.


    Damage Fine Record:

    After all books are returned our Circulation Specialist thoroughly checks them. Particular notice is given to the outside cover, spine, binding, and damage throughout the pages. The book is given to the Library Media Specialist who will then meet with the student individually to discuss the damage.

    Damage fines are determined by the preceding chart.  It is also taken into consideration if the damage is repairable without having to use any book-repair materials.  Once a fee has been determined, the damage is recorded on the student’s patron record.  All library borrowing privileges are suspended until the library fine is paid.