Visual Arts FAQs

  • How many students get into Visual Arts each year?

    We have 25 available spots each fall for rising freshmen.

    When will I know if my student is accepted?

    All applications must be completed and submitted by January 15. Notification of acceptance is usually around mid-March.

    When will my student receive the drawing portion of the application?

    The drawing portion will be emailed on January 17 using the email address indicated in the Visual Arts application. The drawing portion is due by January 31.

    What criteria is used to consider a student’s acceptance to the Center for Visual Arts?

    Quite a few things are taken into consideration when considering a student’s admission to the program. The most important piece assessed by the committee is the drawing component. 

    Teacher recommendations are also used. We ask each applicant to submit the names of two teachers. We will send each teacher a private recommendation survey and the results are a part of the admission consideration.

    Each applicant submits a writing prompt as part of the application. The answers are objectively scored and the results are added to the student’s overall score for admission purposes.

    Grades are also reviewed.

    Do I need to buy my own art supplies if I am accepted into the program?

    No, all of the CVA teachers will provide the materials needed for classroom assignments and projects.

    Are there any extra fees to be paid if one attends Visual Arts?

    The only fee is a BCAT activity fee of $10.

    Will attending Visual Arts keep my student from participating in sports or activites?

    No. There are no after school obligations or requirements, with the exception of the senior year internship.

    Will attending Visual Arts affect my regular high school schedule?

    A CVA class fills an elective course in your schedule and utilizes two class periods of the regular school day. Since Burton begins classes at 7:30am, this still leaves room for six other base-school courses.

    When will my student go to BCAT for Visual Arts?

    Students attend BCAT every other day from 7:30am to 11:00am. Students may take a bus, leaving from their base school at approximately 7am, or may provide their own transportation to BCAT. Students return to their base school via a BCAT bus or drive themselves. Usually sophomores and juniors have class on "A-Day" mornings, and freshmen and seniors have class on "B-Day" mornings.