WBHS Attendance Procedures graphic
  • Refer to RCPS policy for Excused Absences and Tardies  

    To notify the school of an absence, you may call 562-3700 ext. 24008 and leave a voice message with the student's name, grade, and reason for absence. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PHONE CALL DOES NOT EXCUSE THE ABSENCE! The call lets us know you are aware of your child's absence and prevents us from calling you. A written acceptable excuse (in compliance with RCPS policy) must be submitted to the attendance office when the student returns to school. 

    You may also email the attendance office at wbhsattendance@rcps.us



    Please note that students cannot be checked out of school per a phone call. In order to check your student out, you must use one of the following options: 

    1. Send a written note to the school with the student that indicates the student's name, the reason for check out, and the time to be dismissed along with the parent/guardian's contact number and signature. The note should be turned in to the attendance office when the student arrives at school. At that time, a check-out pass will be issued that allows the student to leave at the designated time. 

    2. Send an email to wbhsattendance@rcps.us that includes the information in bullet #1. 

    3. Send a fax to 540-890-7568 that includes the information in bullet #1. 

    4. An authorized emergency contact may come to the school with a PHOTO ID and sign the student out at the attendance window. Only persons listed on the student's emergency card will be allowed to sign the student out. 



    A minimum of two days prior written notice must be submitted to the attendance office for college visits or out-of-town trips to be considered excused. Once submitted, the student will be issued a Prior Notice Form that must be signed by all teachers and returned to the attendance office prior to the absence. Failure to follow these procedures will result in the absence(s) being unexcused.