World Languages

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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Roanoke County Schools program in World Languages is to equip students with communication skills in languages other than English, to afford them access to the cultures represented by these languages, and to prepare them for success in a multi-lingual economy and society.

    Program Overview

    World Languages study begins for most Roanoke County students in sixth and seventh grades. Students enrolled in Interest Block 6 and/or in Introduction to World Languages 7 are exposed to the four languages offered for study in Roanoke County Schools: French, German (at certain schools), Latin, and Spanish.
    Beginning in the eighth grade, students may choose to study French, German (in certain schools), Latin, or Spanish as an elective. Roanoke County Schools offers five years of each language including Advanced Placement courses in French, German, Latin and Spanish.

    Roanoke County also offers RCPS Academy World Language courses online during the academic school year and for repeat purposes during the summer. Please contact the Supervisor to see which courses are offered based on availability and staffing. WL Academy courses do require synchronous meetings with the instructor.

World Language Teachers


  • Supervisor of ELL & World Languages
    Paula Newbill PhD
    (540) 562-3900 x10258