New Career & Technical Education (CTE) Center

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    April 20, 2023:

    The Roanoke County School Board unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors to immediately advance funding for the development and construction of a new career and technical education (CTE) center and for the renovation of Glen Cove and W.E. Cundiff elementary schools.

    The MOU provides $80 million for construction of the new CTE center and $50 million for the renovation of Glen Cove and W.E. Cundiff elementary schools.  With this advanced funding, construction on the new CTE center and renovations on the two elementary schools could begin as early as late 2024.

    Already the school board has purchased a site for the new CTE center located on Peters Creek Road between the intersection of Airport Road and Burlington Elementary School.

    “This is a historic day for Roanoke County.  This is going to create a level of opportunity, not only for our students, but the Roanoke Valley as a whole, and I want to thank the Board of Supervisors for coming to the table, negotiating with us, and ultimately coming to an agreement” said Brent Hudson, chairman of the Roanoke County School Board.  “This also allows us to remove outdated open concept classrooms at Glen Cove and W.E. Cundiff and advances more school improvement projects by several years,” Hudson said.

    “I want to thank the school board for approving this MOU.  This is the next step to get these important projects moving forward.  We are so grateful to now have the funding to start these projects,” said Dr. Ken Nicely, superintendent of Roanoke County Public Schools.  

    “We now have a lot of work to do, and we look forward to breaking ground,” Dr. Nicely added. 

  • School Board purchases land for new CTE center - Feb. 16, 2023

  • proposed site for a new cte center located on Peters Creek Road

  • By the Numbers

    Facility recommendations of the CTE Citizen's Advisory Committee (estimated):

    • Program Space – 178,000 sq. ft.
    • Circulation/Mechanical/Common Area – 34,000 sq. ft.
    • Outdoor Covered Storage – 26,000 sq. ft.
    • Total – 238,000 sq. ft.

    Land size:  Approximately 28 acres

    Land purchase price:  $4.13 million