Student Fees

  • The following schedule of fees complies with The Code of Virginia and School Board Policy 4.12. The official policy change is forthcoming.  The 2023-2024 schedule of fees was submitted and approved by the Roanoke County School Board on March 23, 2023

    Fees are reduced or waived for economically disadvantaged students and students whose families are undergoing economic hardships.  Families should contact their principal.

  • School PE uniform shirt only 5.00
    Retained PE uniform shorts only 8.00
      PE uniform shirt and shorts 13.00
      Class dues grades 9-11 10.00
      Class dues grade 12 20.00
      Student parking high schools 40.00
      Student parking BCAT 15.00
    Secondary Instruction Dual Enrollment Fees (max per credit hour) TBD
      RCPS Online Academy - 1 credit course 400.00
      RCPS Online Academy - 1/2 credit course 225.00
      Summer school - new course 400.00
      Summer school - repeat course School Board waived 1/18/24 200.00
      Summer school nonresident - new course 500.00
      Summer school nonresident - repeat course School Board waived 1/18/24 250.00
    Career and Adult Ed - Auto Service Technology 1600.00
    Technical Education Adult Ed - Building Maintenance Technology 700.00
      Adult Ed - SAT (College Board Prep) 150.00
      Adult Ed - SAT (Essay) 50.00
      Adult Ed -  Welding SMAW 500.00
      Adult Ed -  Welding GMAW 600.00
      Adult Ed -  Welding GTAW 650.00
    Administration  Nonresident employee students grades K-8 229.00
      Nonresident employee students grades 9-12 371.00
      Nonresident non-employee students 1000.00
    School  AP Test Fees (max per test) 95.00
    Counseling PSAT Test Fees 32.00
    Nutrition Breakfast 1.50
      Breakfast reduced price                 (waived) 0.30
      Lunch elementary schools 3.00
      Lunch middle and high schools 3.00
      Lunch reduced price                      (waived) 0.40

Online Payments

  • Attention - Change in Online Payment Vendor

    Roanoke County Schools have changed the system used for parents/guardians to pay student fees or make donations online using a credit card. Click on the logo to enroll and access the items for your school. The vendor charges 10¢ per item and a 4% processing fee per transaction. This is not a school fee. Parents will need to register with the new company the first time using the system. Useful Resources as you transition:

    Ticket Spicket  
    Parents/guardians can purchase athletic tickets for sporting events at participating schools. Click on the logo to purchase tickets. The vendor charges a separate convenience fee per ticket.  This is not a school fee.  Additional Information:

    Parents/guardians can set up a free account to prepay student meal purchases or monitor activity. Click on the logo to set up or access an account. Effective August 21, 2023, the credit and debit card convenience fees for all payments will be 3.95% of the transaction amount with a minimum fee of $2.85 per transaction, while ACH or eCheck transactions, if applicable, will be a flat fee of $1.80 per transaction. This is not a school fee.