• What books did you check out from the library? (Directions for Students)

    1. Select the Library Catalog on the right under Links
    2. Select “Log In” in the upper right corner.
    3. Your username is your computer username (usually this is your first initial, last name, and the last four digits of your student ID)
    4. Your password is the last five digits of your student ID.
    5. Once you are logged in, click the tab at the top that says My Info.
    6. * Most books located in the school so far have been checked in, but some have not. The remaining books will be checked in on May 15th. Please contact Mrs. Perdue at chperdue@rcps.us if you have any questions. Also, five books from the public library were returned to the GMS Library. Please contact Mrs. Perdue if you think one of these books is yours!

    Research Resource Passwords: Do you need the username/password for the GMS library's Research Resources (Encyclopedia Britannica or Gale Virtual Refence Library)? Go to BlackBoard and open GMS Library under your organizations. On the left is a button called Passwords. The password only works if you use the links on our Research Resources page.


    About the Library Program

    The vision of the Roanoke County Public School Library program is to empower students to learn technology and 21st-century skills incorporating collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and citizenship. 

    The mission of the Roanoke County Public School Library program is to provide quality learning experiences designed to equip students with the skills to adapt and thrive in a changing global environment. The libraries extend and enhance the classroom experience: a place where students, teachers, and librarians can explore, learn, create, and collaborate. Librarians foster a love of reading and learning in addition to modeling and utilizing current technologies to assist students in becoming proficient and responsible users of information. 

    Roanoke County Book Selection Policy

    The Roanoke County Public Schools library program has a book selection policy for our schools that supports the curriculum, incorporates current educational trends, and considers the needs, interests, and diversity of our students.

    When selecting books for purchase, school librarians consider professional reviews and recommended reading ages. Nonfiction books are selected based on accuracy, scope, reliability, format, points of interest, and potential use. Materials on opposing sides of controversial issues are purchased so that students may develop critical thinking skills. Fiction books are selected based on the needs of the collection, popularity, quality, curriculum-connections, and professional book reviews. Recommendations from students and staff members are encouraged and honored when possible.  Donated books must meet the same criteria as newly purchased books.


    Questions or suggestions? Contact the Librarian:

    Mrs. Perdue


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