• Amazon.com: In order for your purchases to count, you must access the Amazon.com website via this site. Click the icon below   and it will take you to Amazon.com. Our school code is embedded in this link. Our school has no idea what purchases were made or by whom, just that we receive money.

    SchoolStore.com - Shop online!  There are over 400 merchants and we get a percentage on the purchases.

    Shoparoo App: Do you have a smart phone or a tablet? If you follow  this link, you can download a free app called shoparoo. You just take pictures of your receipts from anywhere that sells food (including drug, pet, gas, warehouse, dollar, and discount stores) and the school earns 5 cents per receipt. 

    Boxtops: Save your General Mills product boxtops for the school.   

    Ink Cartridges: When you change the ink in your printers, bring in your old cartridges and drop it off at the office. We receive money for recycling each cartridge. Plus they stay out of the landfill!

    Coke Product Reward Codes: As you drink your favorite coke product, we could be earning PE equipment for the school!  You can  follow this link and create an account to donate the points or you can just bag them up to send them to the school.  We will enter the codes in for you.  The drop-off box is located next to the boxtops box.  If you have an account, but are no longer using the points, consider donating those to the school.  Each Coke cap reward code is worth 5 cents.

    OfficeMax:  When you purchase anything from OfficeMax tell them to put it under HLH and we will get 5% of your purchase price.

    Target credit card:  You can link HLH to your Target credit card and we will receive 5% of your purchase price.

    Kellogg's Family Rewards codes: Go to www.kellogsfamilyrewards.com and create and account. You can link your K-Mart, Food Lion, and CVS cards. Every time you purchase a Kellogg's product you will receive points. Once you get to 8,000 points you will get $5.00 donated to the school.