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  • Non-Fiction Text Structures

    Text Structure OR Organizational Patterns of Non-fiction

    *Text Structures are the way non-fiction texts (articles, passages, paragraphs, sentences) are “built.”

    Compare and Contrast

    This text structure is built with similarities and differences of two or more topics.


    Signal Words: similar, different, but , alike, conversely, instead, however, on the other hand, although


    Problem and Solution

    This text structure is built with a main problem and solutions to that problem. Most of the time, these problems are solved by people.


    Signal Words: problem, solution, resolve, resolution, conflict question, answer


    This text structure is “built” with facts, specific details, and examples about one topic.


    Signal Words:

    Characteristics, facts, To illustrate…, For example…, Such as…

    Cause and Effect

    This text structure is “built” with reasons for why an event occurs.


    Signal Words:

    So, because, since, If… then…, therefore, This led to, As a result, Reason why, effect of , consequently


    This text structure is “built” with events, or steps, in order. There can also be things like specific dates, times, or times of the day.


    Signal Words: first, second, third, finally, before, next, then, now, soon, specific dates (June, July, 2nd , 3rd, 2018), specific times (7:00am)

    Fact and Opinion 



    A fact is something that can be proven true or false. It is a fact if you can research or observe it.

    An opinion is something that you think, feel, or believe. An opinion cannot be proven true or false.

    Signal Words for Fact:

    ·       Documented

    ·       Proven

    ·       Supported

    ·       Evidence

    ·       Research

    ·       Stated

    ·       Observed


    Signal Words for Opinion:

    ·       Should/could/would

    ·       Believe

    ·       Think

    ·       Feel

    ·       Better, best, worst

    ·       Always

    ·       Beautiful

    ·       Any adjective


     Cause and Effect Signal Words

    Cause is why something happened.
    Effect is what happened.
    Signal Words
    Cause & Effect
    • So
    • Because
    • Since
    • If . . . Then . . .
    • Therefore
    • This led to
    • Reason why
    • As a result
    • May be due to
    • Effect of
    • Consequently
    • For this reason

  • Suggested Study Activities

    • Write words 5x each
    • Say the word, spell the word
    • Poem using words of the same pattern
    • Pattern sort (vowels and consonants)
    • Sound sort (ex. short vs long vowels)

    Red Group: Spelling Tests typically on Friday

    Blue Group: Spelling Tests typically on Thursday

    Green Group: Spelling Tests typically on Friday

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