• Everybody has a creative side! So why not share yours?

         The Cave Spring Online Uniquely You website is a website showcasing the creative endeavors of our students for peers and families to access and enjoy.  By sending anything you have created to the website, you can be sure your piece will be submitted and ready for viewing by the third week of May.

         We accept anything written: poems, essays, haikus, or school assignments which you are really proud of, and that you wrote on your own. We also accept photographs, drawings, photographs of things you built or sculpted. Really anything you would like others to see can be submitted as long as they, or their likeness, can be sent through the internet.

         The website address is:       csmcreative@gmail.com

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Mrs. Mihalo in the library.

                      Looking forward to seeing the creative sides of all of you!!!

                                                              ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY MAY 11TH.