Sexually Explicit Content in Instructional Materials

  • The Code of Virginia (22.1-16.8, 2.2-2827, 18.2-390) requires all schools to list all instructional materials with sexually explicit content.  Any instructional content that may meet the definition of sexually explicit is listed below.  Please contact your child’s teacher directly if you would like to review any of these instructional materials.

    For additional information including terms and definitions, please see RCPS policy 6.62a.

  • Family Life

    Roanoke County Public Schools family life education does not meet the criteria of this policy, but as always, parents may view the family life curriculum at  Roanoke County Public Schools will teach the state family life standards, but parents are offered the option to opt their child out of this instruction if they choose to do so.  If parents would like to view the family life resources, they may schedule to do so at their child’s school through the counseling department.