Summer School

  • 2018 Summer School Session will be held at William Byrd High School.



    Registration begins on May 21, 2018 and ends at 4:00 pm on June 11, 2018.  All registration forms and payment must be received by the June 11 deadline.  Students may register at any Roanoke County middle or high school.

    SCHEDULE (*Change made to the schedule due to the shortened summer break)

    Repeat courses will be offered in a block schedule format.

    *Session A (AM)       June 18-July 18           8:00AM-11:45AM

    *Session B (PM)       June 18-July 18           12:15PM-4:00PM

    *New courses          June 18-July 18           Session TBD

    *Classes will operate on a 5 day schedule.  Classes will be held on Fridays this year.  No classes will be held on July 4, 5, or 6.

    *Students taking a course through Edgenuity online will be asked to make a session preference of AM or PM.  All efforts will be made to accommodate preferences, but those who register first will have priority.  Classes offered face-to-face will be scheduled based on the teacher availability. 

    Schedule for all courses will be determined based on the student registration.

    All students will be contacted prior to June 18 and informed of the session, date, and time they are to report.  Students enrolled in Edgenuity courses will be called to begin their summer school course once a seat becomes available.  Seats are based on the number of site licenses available to the division.  Seniors will be given first priority.  Once a student finishes, another student who is on the wait list will be contacted to report. 


    In-county student:  $350 for full time/new course, $175 for half time/repeat course

    Out-of-county student:  $500 for full time/new course, $250 for half time/repeat course

    RCPSOnile: $400 for full time/new course


    No refunds will be made after the first day of classes.  Staff is hired based upon registration numbers.


    No transportation will be provided by Roanoke County.  Transportation will be the responsibility of the student and parent.


    Face-to-face courses will be taught only if enrollment is sufficient.  Consideration can be given to seniors who need a repeat class.  Students may register for a repeat course only if they have been previously enrolled in the course for its duration. 

    Students may enroll in two (2) repeat classes.  In grades 6-8, students will be permitted to register for two of the following courses for promotion: English, mathematics, science, and social studies.  In grades 9-12, subjects are taken for credit.

    Courses for which there is not sufficient enrollment to offer a face-to-face class in traditional classroom environment may be provided through Edgenuity, an online, individualized program of study with assistance from certified RCPS teachers.  This is provided as a service onsite to students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to repeat a class in summer school due to low enrollment.  Students enrolled in a Edgenuity class follow all of the same requirements for summer school, but take a pre-assessment to determine the learning standards in which they are deficient. Once they begin the class, Edgenuity students must meet summer school attendance requirements; however, when students demonstrate proficiency in the required standards they will be be released with approval of the administration. 


    Final grades for both sessions will be mailed in August.


    Students not enrolled in Roanoke County Public Schools will be admitted on a space available basis.  If a course is not offered or not available, students will be notified by June 13.


    Lunch will be provided free of charge from 11:45-12:15 through the summer nutrition program.


    Any student who withdraws from a course after Friday, June 22 will receive a grade of “F” for the course.  No refunds will be made after the first day of classes.

  • Courses which may be offered for grades 6-8:

    (N = New, R = Repeat)

    • English 6 (R)
    • English 7 (R)
    • English 8 (R)
    • Math 6 (R)
    • Math 7 (R)
    • Math 8 (R)
    • U.S. History I (R)
    • U.S. History II (R)
    • Civic/Econ (R)
    • Science 6 (R)
    • Life Science (R)
    • Physical Science (R)


    Courses which may be offered for grades 9-12:

    (N = New, R = Repeat)

    • English 9 (R)
    • English 10 (R)
    • English 11 (R)
    • English12 (R)
    • World. Geo. (R)
    • World History I (R)
    • World History II (R)
    • US/VA History (R)
    • US/VA Gov't. (R)
    • AFDA (R)
    • Algebra I (R)
    • Algebra II (R)
    • Geometry (R)
    • Geometry (N -RCPSOnline only)
    • Computer Math (N,R)
    • Chemistry (R)
    • Earth Science (R)
    • Biology (R)
    • Ecology (R)
    • Driver's Ed
      (Behind the Wheel)
    • Health & PE 9 (N,R)
    • Health & PE 10 (N,R)