Summer High School

  • 2020 Summer High School Session will be held exclusively online. 


    There will be no face-to-face classes offered this summer. All classes will be delivered in a virtual format. Access to the internet will be a requirement of the summer program. Please contact your child’s school if you have any questions.

    >> Phase II Summer School Health Plan



    Registration begins on May 11, 2020 and ends at 4:00 pm on May 22, 2020.  All registration forms and payment must be received by the May 22 deadline.  Students may register at any Roanoke County middle or high school.


    RCPS will use a combination of RCPSOnline and Edgenuity for all repeat courses. Both courses will have RCPS instructors assigned to the class for students to work with virtually. Students registered for summer school courses will be allowed to keep their county issued laptop until completion of the course or July 1 (whichever is sooner).


    RCPS staff created repeat courses specifically designed for the virtual summer environment. 


    For courses not available in RCPSOnline, students will utilize Edgenuity to repeat the course. Edgenuity is an online, individualized program of study that has been used in RCPS summer school for the past few years.

    Both programs will require parents to serve as proctors for online assessments.


    RCPSOnline Repeat Classes  June 1-July 1      TBD*

    Edgenuity Classes    June 1-July 1      TBD*

    *Teachers will establish office hours to assist students with content.  

    All students will be sent an email on or before June 1 with contact information for their teachers and directions on how to access class materials.


    In-county student:  $350 for full time/new course, $175 for half time/repeat course

    Out-of-county student:  $500 for full time/new course, $250 for half time/repeat course

    RCPSOnline: $400 for full time/new course


    No refunds will be made after the first day of classes.  Staff is hired based upon registration numbers. 



    All summer repeat courses will be offered on a Pass/Fail basis. All courses offered will be non-PreAP (transcripts will reflect Pail/Fail of a non-PreAP course).  Final grades will be mailed in July.


    Students not enrolled in Roanoke County Public Schools will be admitted on a space available basis.  If a course is not offered or not available, students will be notified by June 1.

    There will be no behind the wheel driver’s education offered this summer



    Any student who withdraws from a course after Monday, June 8 will receive a grade of “F” for the course.  No refunds will be made after the first day of classes.


    Courses which may be offered for grades 9-12:

    (N = New, R = Repeat)

    • English 9 (R)
    • English 10 (R)
    • English 11 (R)
    • English12 (R)
    • World. Geo. (R)
    • World History I (R)
    • World History II (R)
    • US/VA History (R)
    • US/VA Gov't. (R)
    • AFDA (R)
    • Algebra I (R)
    • Algebra II (R)
    • Geometry (R)
    • Chemistry (R)
    • Earth Science (R)
    • Biology (R)
    • Ecology (R)
    • Health & PE 9 (N,R)
    • Health & PE 10 with classroom driver's eduction (N,R)*
    • Health & PE 10 without classroom driver's eduction (N,R)*

    *See information sheet (below) for details