• On Thursday, January 28, 2021, the Roanoke County School Board approved Roanoke County Middle Schools for conducting a fall sports season. The season is set to begin with the first practice/tryouts on Monday, February 8th.

    Football and volleyball will play roughly 60% of their usual number of games with competitions taking place against other Roanoke County middle schools.

    Schools, coaches, student-athletes, officials, and all others involved in our fall season must follow the guidelines set forth within the Roanoke County Fall In-Season Return to Play Plan (updated March 25, 2021). This plan is available on this website and under "Athletics".

    All safety protocols as well as any additional protocols developed by the athletic directors, to include protocols for hosting events, must be followed by all involved and at all times.

    Student-athletes previously diagnosed with COVID-19 must have a written medical release from their child's medical healthcare provider allowing athletic participation.

    Student-athletes must have a completed, signed Virginia High School League (VHSL) physical on file at GMS. The medical examination and form must have occurred on or after May 1, 2020.

    The spectator limit for outdoor sporting events is 250 individuals. Visiting team spectators will be allowed. Home and away cheer teams as well as pep band are considered part of that number. Tickets will be sold until the cap is reached.

    The spectator limit for indoor sporting events is 25 individuals. For the fall season, GMS volleyball players will have access to two tickets per student-athlete. No tickets will be made available for visiting spectators.

    Disregard for the school division's outlined safety protocols may result in the termination of the season for violators.

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