• Kindergarten is a special time for growing and learning with new friends while encountering exciting new experiences. It is the beginning of each child's path to educational success as well as a critical foundation for life long learning.

    Kindergarten Teachers' email:


     Kristin Hiner

    540-562-3900 Ext. 60609

     Nancy Dillon

    540-562-3900 Ext. 60630

    Tracey Young

    540-562-3900 Ext.  61792





  • Language Arts

    • Sort and classify objects
    • Speak in complete sentences and contribute to group discussions
    • Print first and last names correctly from memory
    • Recognize letters and their sounds
    • Speak in complete sentences and contribute to group discussions
    • Blend sounds to read simple three letter words
    • Understand sound/letter relationships
    • Dictate sentences and record experiences drawing pictures, letters and words\
    • Demonstrate comprehension skills as well as display interest in books and stories
    • Identify rhyming words



    • Recognize and draw shapes
    • Identify, describe and extend simple patterns
    • Compare sets of more, less, or equal objects
    • Compare objects using attributes of length, weight, height, temperature
    • Measure with non-standard units
    • Count sets of objects 0-10 and match sets to numerals
    • Count forward to 30 and backward from 10
    • Create and use simple graphs
    • Add and subtract simple sets of 10
    • Recognize penny, nickel, dime and quarter
    • Tell time to the hour
    • Explore with measurement tools


    Themes We Explore

    • Myself and family
    • My senses
    • My school
    • Rules and safety
    • Health habits
    • Community helpers
    • Animals and plants
    • Caring for our world
    • Food and nutrition
    • Seasons and weather
    • Water
    • Light and shadow
    • Holidays
    • Famous Americans
    • Patriotism
    • Magnets
    • Computers and technology
    • Maps and economics